A new TikTok trend called hellmaxxing has emerged that’s had the internet in stitches.

It’s taken over social media this week after an excerpt from a news article was posted on Twitter claiming that police in Bensalem, Pennsylvania are incredibly concerned about the trend.

The news article quickly went viral, and Twitter users began posting some hilarious reactions to the trend, which they think must be fake.

So, what is hellmaxxing? Here’s what we know.

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

What is hellmaxxing?

According to Urban Dictionary, hellmaxxing is “obtaining a one-way ticket to hell by doing something incredibly bad, evil, or shameful”.

So, it is essentially the act of committing sins that will send you straight to hell, aka the fiery red place where the devil lives.

We’re not talking literally here. Hellmaxxing won’t actually send you to hell (we hope). It’s just a word that means doing something really really bad.

The excerpt posted on Twitter further elaborated that hellmaxxing is “an attempt to commit so many sins even the devil won’t have them”.

Hellmaxxing becomes a Twitter meme

Over on Twitter, people are reacting to the new hellmaxxing trend, and it’s become the latest viral Twitter meme.

Social media users have found the whole idea pretty hilarious, and can’t believe it’s actually a real thing.

One person wrote: “Vaguely disappointed that Hellmaxxing doesn’t involve committing as many sins as possible ‘inside TJ-Maxx’.”

“Thought hellmaxxing is trying to shop at TJMaxx on a Saturday afternoon,” said another.

A third person added: “Who called it hellmaxxing and not sin-a-maxx.”

“Is there going to be a whole Hellmaxxing series? Hellmaxxing II, Hellmaxx Beyond. Hellmaxx in space?” said another.

Someone else joked: “I mean i just called it ‘my twenties’ but i suppose ‘hellmaxxing’ is cool too.”

Some hilarious hellmaxxing examples

Taking the meme one step further, people on Twitter are joking about their worst hellmaxxing experience.

One person said that they lied to their dentist about how often they floss. Go to hell!

Another revealed that they eat pineapple on pizza. That has to be hellmaxxing, right?

A Twitter user in Canada said they were going to commit an act of hellmaxxing by crossing the street without pressing the signal button.

Another joked that Margaret Thatcher was hellmaxxing during her time in office.

Whether hellmaxxing is actually a real thing or not, it’s certainly provided a lot of laughs this week!

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