Once again, the internet has become gripped in the mystery of Ernest Khalimov, the guy from the Chad meme.

There are Chads, then there are Gigachads and finally, there is Ernest, the Chad of all Chads.

Since 2017, internet users have become stricken with the images of this ultra-masculine personality. While many believe he is real, others have been questioning his identity since laying eyes on him.

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Who is Ernest Khalimov?

Reports suggest that Ernest is the man/personality behind the Instagram account ‘berlin.1969.’ The handle has close to 600,000 followers now.

The earliest images of Ernest, who is believed to be 52-years-old, surfaced in October 2017 on 4chan. The internet sensation was described as “Gigachad,” a moniker that is still in use. Some websites also referred to him as ‘Ultra Chad.’

While we were introduced to Ernest, the GigaChad, in 2017, his origin can be traced to 2015, thanks to the work of Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis.

Krista started photographing extremely attractive male and female models for her project Sleek’N’Tears. The internet was introduced to Ernest through her images. Also known as Chad Thundercock among internet users, the Gigachad quickly turned into a meme.

While, many were stricken by his ultra-masculine, sexually attractive persona, others thought he was a product of CGI. Whatever may be the truth, we can all savour his good looks until the mystery of his identity is solved.

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Why the guy from chad meme could be a digital creation

Whether Ernest is an actual man or merely a digital creation is still up for debate. However, there are plenty of theories suggesting that our GigaChad is merely an internet creation.

There are reports suggesting that Ernest is a bodybuilder living in Russia, who models for the project Sleek’N’Tears. However, something about this explanation does not sit well with the fans.

Besides his few photos online, there is absolutely no video of Ernest on the internet. Sleek’N’Tears YouTube videos feature many other models, but none of the clips stars the project’s crowned prince Ernest.

The GigaChad is also barely active on the internet and reportedly remains uninterested in brand deals. This is surprising, as most models and bodybuilders thrive on sponsorships.

When Ernest’s first images appeared online, many 4chan users claimed that Krista, the photographer behind GigaChad’s images, had tweaked pictures of existing models to create the ultra-masculine personality.

Many other internet users also pointed out that some of GigaChad’s earlier images were created by virtually editing and photoshopping the pictures of other models.

Fans react to Gigachad’s ultra-masculine looks

Given that it’s October again, many internet users took to Twitter to remember the guy from the Chad meme.

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