Bwipo is finally opening up about what happened during the League of Legends 2021 World Championship, as fans continue to blame girlfriend Lena for Fnatic’s loss.

After facing some major issues, Fnatic, the popular British esports organisation, ended up getting eliminated from the League of Legends championship this year.

Despite many things going sideways, it was Bwipo and his girlfriend Lena who ended up receiving the brunt of all the criticism from fans.

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Why are fans mad at Bwipo’s girlfriend Lena?

Bwipo, whose real name is Gabriël Rau, tried his best to lead his team to a victory. However, it just didn’t happen for him during the 2021 tournament.

Fans who became too invested in the championship began placing the blame for the team’s loss on Bwipo’s girlfriend Lena and their relationship issues.

It is public knowledge that the gamer and his partner of three years, Lena, have been going through a rough patch. The duo was not in a good place when Bwipo left for Iceland to participate in the championship.

The entire fiasco became a hot topic of discussion on social media, especially on Twitter and Reddit. One fan claimed on Reddit that the two had shared too much of their relationship online and their rough patch became publicised too.

Lena, who goes by the username ‘adorablecarry’ online, has made all her social media handles private now.

Another fan on Reddit alleged that she was fed up with their relationship problems and ended up ‘venting’ online.

It is not clear which social media platform Lena took to in order to discuss her relationship problems.

Most fans blamed Lena for distracting the gamer with drama ahead of the championship.

Finally, it was the below Reddit post that helped us put two and two together. It claims that Lena ‘allegedly’ responded to a post of someone who tagged her. The post asked, “Wife buff when?”

She allegedly responded saying, “She doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t need that type of pressure.”

Bwipo admitted in his Twitlonger statement that the couple has been going through a rough patch.

Gamer opens up about World 2021 championship turmoil

Opening about his relationship struggles in the TwitLonger post, the gamer said, “Lena is my significant other. She’s been supporting me unconditionally for 3 years. Recently, I hurt her. A month ago. I hurt her badly. It was my fault. We talked it over.”

It is not clear how the gamer ‘hurt’ his girlfriend.

Defending his partner against all the hate. he wrote: “In this time period, she set aside all our issues to support me. She was there every single day.”

“Regardless of the day or time. She was there for me every single step of the way. Giving me everything I needed to fight with everything I had.
This lasted for the entirety of the tournament. I can tell you with confidence that the only reason Fnatics week 2 wasn’t void of hope completely is thanks to her,” the star wrote.

The gamer further claimed that Lena had received death threats from his community and fans. “She went off social media because of the hate. Because of the pain. The death threats,” the star wrote.

Bwipo also claimed that one of the reasons that Fnatic didn’t perform well at the Worlds 2021 championship was due to issues with their roster. Elias “Upset” Lipp, who is another popular League of Legends player, dropped out of the lineup listing familial and personal issues. This clearly created more problems for the team.

Fans react to the drama

Bwipo’s fans have jumped to his support on Twitter. Many have urged others on the platform to stop the hate towards Lena, who according to Bwipo himself, supported him throughout.

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