The body of 29 year-old Madeline Baharlou- Quivey has been successfully retrieved days after the hiker sent out for help last Monday.

Madeline, an experienced climber, became stranded on Kit Carson Peak last week, according to officials in Saguache County.

Here’s everything you need to know about the situation.

Who was Madeline Baharlou- Quivey?

Madeline Baharlou-Quivey was only 29 years-old at the time of her death. An experienced climber, Madeline often shared pictures of her experiences in the mountains on her Instagram page.

Madeline’s aunt, Roxanne Baharlou Cornebise, explained on Madeline’s memorial page on Facebook that her niece “believed in living in the moment with the people she was with.”

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In a post she described Madeline: “The positive effect of how she connected with people and nature should tell us all that connecting, with each other, in meaningful ways, is essential now more than ever.”

In September 2021 Madeline became a registered nurse, and Roxanne shared the certificate online, explaining that she was “so proud” of her niece.

Madeline had started in a nursing position at Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center in August.

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Body of Madeline Baharlou- Quivey found

The body of Madeline Baharlou- Quivey has been retrieved, five days after the young climber sent a message for help.

On Monday evening, whilst hiking on Kit Carson’s Peak, Madeline sent out a message for help, stating that she was “cliffed out.”

Rescue personnel responded the following morning but were unable to locate her. On Wednesday, they determined that she had died from a fall and a crew on the ground attempted to retrieve the body before running out of daylight.

Finally, an effort to retrieve the Madeline’s body was mounted on Saturday and was successfully taken down the 14,171-foot mountain.

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