Coldplay x BTS’ ‘My Universe’ will have a new version titled ‘Suga’s Remix’ releasing on October 18th and BTS ARMY is overjoyed to learn about the surprise remix release. If you are wondering about the release time and more of ‘My Universe’ Suga’s remix, read on.

BTS Suga dubbed as one of the most renowned music producers of South Korea has recently produced Samsung’s tune ‘Over The Horizon.’ Now, BTS x Coldplay’s Billboard Hot 100 topper ‘My Universe’ will have Agust D’s own rendition.

‘My Universe’ Suga’s Remix International release time explained

‘My Universe’ Suga’s remix will be released on October 18th 4 PM BST/ 8 AM PT/ October 19th, 12 AM KST. Check the International release time below.

  • Central Time: October 18th, 10 AM Central Time (CT)
  • Eastern Time: October 18th, 11 AM Eastern Time (ET)
  • Pacific Time: October 18th, 8 AM PT
  • European Time: October 18th, 5 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
  • British Time: October 18th, 4 PM British Summer Time (BST)
  • Indian Time:  October 18th, 8.30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • Philippine Time: October 18th, 11 PM in the Philippines
  • Japan Time: October 19th, 12 AM in Tokyo, Japan
  • Australian Time: October 19th, 12.30 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)

Where to listen/ Stream ‘My Universe’ Suga’s remix

‘My Universe’ Suga’s Remix will be released from all music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. Keep an eye on this space for the single’s all the streaming updates.

BTS ARMY reacts to the surprise drop of ‘Suga’s remix’

BTS ARMY wasn’t ready for a surprise drop of Suga’s remix of ‘My Universe’ and the news has surely taken over the Internet. A fan gushed, “PROD. SUGA REALLY DOMINATED THE WORLD. HE’S RULING THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. THE BEST PRODUCER !! SUGA’S REMIX #MinPDisBack!”

A second fan observed, “we got 3 works from prod Suga this year in DIFFERENT GENRES, first for Samsung, ømi and now Suga’s remix for MU. talk about THE range!”

A third fan summarized the feeling of all Yoongi stans saying, “Suga is one of the best producers ever and all of his work is a masterpiece, we’re getting today “My Universe” SUGA’S REMIX, I’m so proud of you min yoongi! SUGA’S REMIX!”

Excited about Suga’s remix of ‘My Universe?’ Check out the single on October 19th at 12 AM KST/ October 18th at 4 PM BST.

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