YouTubers Life 2 is here and fans should be excited by who is in the game despite its disappointing multiplayer status.

The sequel is not on iOS or Android this time, but you will be able to experience it on the three major consoles as well as Steam for PC. And, if you’ve always wanted to dye your hair purple and become an internet sensation, it really is the game for you.

Not only will you be able to live the dream of becoming a recognisable face on the internet without any hate, but you’ll also be able to explore a city hub and interact with numerous NPCs.

YouTubers Life 2 | Release Date Trailer

YouTubers Life 2 | Release Date Trailer

Does YouTubers Life 2 have multiplayer?

There is no multiplayer in YouTubers Life 2.

Seeing as it does not have any co-op or other modes, there is also no crossplay or cross platform action in the game. It is purely single-player meaning you will have to build your online empire by yourself.

Although the lack of online gameplay is disappointing, the title is still a lot of fun for people who follow content creators. You will be able to create your own channel with your own videos, but there is also a city to explore and you will still be able to feed your selfie addiction by posting to InstaLife.

When exploring town, you will be able to interact with the bubbling community of NPCs to complete quests, ‘find your soulmate,’ and build friendships.

Who is in YouTubers Life 2?

Some of the real-life influencers and content creators include the following:

  • PewDiePie
  • Crainer
  • LaurenzSide
  • Rubius
  • Paluten
  • InoxTag
  • WillyRex
  • GermanLetsPlay
  • Vegetta777
  • xFaRgAnx

All of the above come via VGC. Each of the aforementioned personalities will come with side missions and special challenges to complete.

And yes, Pewds does come with his pug, Maya.

Is it free to play?

YouTubers Life 2 is not a free-to-play game.

You will be able to download it from the Nintendo eShop, Steam, Microsoft, and PSN store on October 19th, but not for free as it costs £34.99. If you don’t wish to spend that much, you could download the OMG original version for £24.99 instead.

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