Fans of the fantastic anime series ‘Zombie Land Saga’ will be delighted to hear that the franchise will be returning with a new feature movie!

The biggest trend in the anime industry right now is the addition of feature films to a franchise.

Of course, anime movies have always been popular, but it appears that theatrical projects across the industry have been kickstarted again thanks to the global box office sensation that was Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

Black Clover, Dragon Ball Super, Jujutsu Kaisen, Reincarnated as a Slime, Overlord, My Next Life as a Villainess, Laid Back Camp and many more have already announced feature films as their next project.

However, the cinema is about to be overrun by zombies once again, with news that Zombie Land Saga will be receiving its first theatrical movie!

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A Zombie Land movie has been announced…

On October 17th, a special live event was held in Japan called Zombie Land Saga LIVE ‘Franchouchou Saga yo Tomoni Waite Kure’.

Attending fans were treated to behind-the-scenes content, special guests, live performances of the series’ biggest songs and most importantly, the announcement of a brand-new anime movie!

The official Zombie Land Saga Twitter page would then share a short teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, currently titled ‘Zombie naki Tatakai Saga Fukushu-hen’ which in English means ‘A Battle Without Zombies: Saga Revenge arc’.

Some fans may have been confused by the format of the upcoming movie, with the teaser trailer being itself a hilarious live-action video. However, fans shouldn’t panic just yet, with confirmation that the film will be an anime project and a sequel to season 2.

Unfortunately, details on the film’s production are extremely scarce and a release date has not been shared for either the domestic or international launch. However, we are expecting more information to be revealed over the next several weeks as the promotional campaign continues in Japan.

Has season 3 been officially confirmed?

At the time of writing, Zombie Land Saga has not been officially renewed for season 3 by MAPPA production studios.

However, fans should be extremely hopeful that the hit series will return for a third adventure after its theatrical debut with ‘A Battle Without Zombies’.

As the series is not a specific adaptation of a manga (which began serialisation after the television debut), it could be difficult to predict the future of Zombie Land Saga.

Thankfully, the franchise is easily popular enough with fans both domestically and around the world to merit a renewal, with season 1 scoring a 7.52/10 on MyAnimeList (183,000 reviews) and season 2 at an 8.05/10 (47,000 reviews).

Providing that the upcoming movie does not conclude with a definitive ending for the overall storyline, fans can expect the hit series to return for season 3 in late-2022 or most likely, 2023.

How to create a “gender subversive idol”

Whilst Zombie Land Saga has been praised for its art-style, character development and comedy, the most talked-about feature of the series is undoubtedly Lily Hoshikawa. Lily is the first canonically LGBTQ+ member of the franchise and an openly transgender female character.

Recently, producer Nobuhiro Takenaka and composition writer Shigeru Murakoshi spoke to Mipon about creating such an iconic character as Lily.

Takenaka revealed that “She definitely wasn’t an easy character to create”, but the team “thought hard about what we wanted to convey through the series.”

“Whether it be someone like Tae, or Lily, who was born a boy, but none of that matters to the members. Of course, everyone has their unique background and personality, but after such an absurd thing as becoming zombies, everyone is unphased by other things and readily accepts whatever differences each other might have. They see past everything and don’t make a big deal of it.” – Shigeru Murakoshi, via Mipon.

The pair also shared how Lily’s death at a young age was an issue they wanted to address correctly, explaining how “we wanted to make her a very strong person who stays positive no matter what and lives life to the fullest.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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