YouTuber and fitness influencer Brittany Dawn is being criticized severely following her pet dog Brodie’s death.

The 30-year-old has a huge fan following on social media thanks to her offering of different fitness programs. She has now come under fire for sharing the news about her dog’s death, that’s turned many furious.

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What happened to Brittany Dawn’s dog?

On October 14, Brittany shared a six-minute video on her official YouTube channel narrating what happened to Brodie.

She shares that she had let Brodie go out of her fenced backyard when he hit got hit by a vehicle. “I wish I could unsee what I saw. He got hit so hard. There was no saving him,” she says in the video.

Brittany further adds that as soon as Brodie got hit, her husband Jordon Nelson, who is an ex-cop, took him inside their home while two strangers stood outside to make sure no one came towards their residence.

And then, she reveals that a “gunshot went off, and poor Jordon had to do it for Brodie”. The influencer said there was no “saving him”, hence her husband shot their dog to put him out of his misery.

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Twitter slams Influencer and her husband

While Brittany tried to justify her actions saying her pooch couldn’t have been saved as he was badly injured, people on Twitter have criticized the couple for what they did instead of taking him to the hospital.

One Twitter user who feels Brittany was trying to gain “sympathy” by crying about her dog’s death wrote, “I am so angry I’ve hated Brittany dawn for years but killing your dog instead of seeking professional help???? And then looking for sympathy????”

Another added, “I can not even fathom how Brittany Dawn allowed her husband to shoot their dog that was hit by a car instead of taking it to the vet?????? What an actual trash bag scum of the earth person.”

The comments under her YouTube video have been turned off.

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YouTuber says her dog “saved” her

Following Brodie’s death, Brittany took to Instagram to pay tribute to Brodie in a long post, as she remembered him for helping her through her “darkest” times.

“I always joked about “who saved who” because anyone that knows me, and watched me go through my darkest times, knows how much I clung to Jesus and my pup during the storms,” Brittany wrote.

She concluded her post by saying, “squeeze your pup a little extra tonight because they give an unconditional love that we as humans don’t deserve.”

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