The latest chapter in the slasher franchise, Halloween Kills, is brought to horror fans once again by David Gordon Green, with Jamie Lee Curtis on board to kill the evil Michael Myers once again. Up ahead, we reveal the actor who plays the killer in the film and who Myers’ previous actors were in the franchise.

Halloween Kills picks up straight after the events of its predecessor and exists as the second chapter in Green’s reboot trilogy. The third installment, Halloween Ends, was previously announced, but that doesn’t mean that the masked murderer got away unscathed in this sequel.

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Who plays Michael Myers in Halloween Kills?

The masked killer is played by James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle in Halloween Kills, both credited as ‘The Shape.’

Castle played The Shape in the original 1978 John Carpenter film and both of Green’s reboot sequels, while Courtney made his appearance as The Shape in only Green’s reboot. Both actors are confirmed to be in Halloween Ends too.

Halloween 2 credits Dick Warlock as The Shape and the fourth chapter, The Return of Michael Myers, as well as the sixth film, had George P. Wilbur playing the killer.

The 2007 Rob Zombie adaptation had Tyler Mane playing Michael Myers, with Daeg Faerch on board to portray a 10-year-old version of the killer.

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Is Michael Myers immortal?

Many fans believe that Myers is immortal because of the ‘Curse of the Thorn’ narrative that was introduced in the franchise’s 4-6 Timeline.

The ritual states that one family in the community must be sacrificed by one of their own in order for the community to thrive.

This could be a potential reason why Myers’ cannot die because there are still members of his family who are still alive.

When does Halloween Ends release?

The third and final chapter of Green’s reboot trilogy, Halloween Ends, is scheduled to release on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Laurie screamed bloody murder in Halloween Kills, stating that “evil dies tonight,” and it is likely her crusade will continue into the final chapter.

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