Fans have been waiting nearly two years for the physiological thriller You to return to our screens and the eagerly anticipated third season is here.

Season 2 of Netflix’s You had an extremely dramatic ending with a lot of story yet to tell and many unanswered questions. Season 3 has just dropped and has not disappointed with plenty of twists, turns and terror.

But fans of the show have been left wondering what happened to Ellie at the end of season 2 and whether she will return for the third season.

What happened to Ellie in You season 2?

Despite Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn being surrounded by new characters in the third season, there is still one person present in his life: Ellie Alves.

In the final episode of the second season of You, Joe sends his neighbour Ellie away to Florida with stacks of money to protect her from Love who killed her older sister Delilah.

Love planned to implicate and frame 15-year-old Ellie for the murder of Henderson and then save Ellie and clear Joe using the Quinn’s lawyers. But, Joe gives Ellie the money and tells her to run away and start a new life across the country as the CPS and the Quinn family are after her.

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Is Ellie in You season 3?

In season 3, fans noticed that Joe mentions Ellie on several occasions but she does not appear at any point in any of the nine episodes.

In the first episode, Joe reveals that he is still sending money to Ellie “whenever he hears from her.” Episode 2 sees Joe go as far as stealing an antique book from the library so that he can sell it and send it to Ellie however his plan is ruined when he gets caught. He also reveals that he cannot send her money from the Quinn family fund as this may lead them to her whereabouts.

Aside from this, Ellie is not mentioned elsewhere in the third season of You suggesting that she is seemingly still in Florida where Joe told her to flee to.

Will Ellie be in You season 4?

Both Jenna Ortega and show-runner Sera Gamble have spoken about whether Ellie will feature in future series of the Netflix show, and Gamble confirmed that the door is always open for characters to return.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Gamble said: “Ellie is still in Joe’s life. He’s sending her money. She hates him, but he is sending her money. So that door remains open for us. And as you saw in season two, I mean Beck was dead and she came back. One of my favourite things to do is bring back a dead person to haunt you. So the door is wide open for everybody’s favourite characters.”

Jenna Ortega spoke of her potential return to the show saying: “I had such an incredible time there that if they would like to have me back, I’m more than happy to take a few digs at Joe again.”

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