**Warning – Major spoilers ahead**

The latest chapter in the slasher franchise, Halloween Kills, is brought to horror fans once again by David Gordon Green, with Jamie Lee Curtis on board to kill the evil, Michael Myers, once again. We discuss the villain’s fate up ahead and explain why the iconic killer has survived so long.

Halloween Kills picks up straight after the events of its predecessor and exists as the second chapter in Green’s reboot trilogy. The third installment, Halloween Ends, was previously announced, but that doesn’t mean that the masked murderer got away unscathed in this sequel.

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills?

No, unsurprisingly Michael Myers is alive and stabbing during the final moments of Halloween Kills.

The crux of this sequel sees the residents of Haddonfield band together to attempt to take down the evil killer once and for all.

The final moments of the film see Myers surrounded by residents – armed with tools, baseball bats, and hardened faces – after he leaves his family home.

After taking a beating from the Haddonfield residents and stabbed in the back by Laurie Strode’s (Curtis) daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), Myers makes a miraculous recovery after playing dead for a few moments and proceeds to serve these residents their just desserts.

The closing sequence shows Myers returning to his sister’s bedroom inside his old family home to stab Karen to death and the film concludes with the killer looking at his bloodied, masked self in the window’s reflection.

Image from Halloween Kills trailer

How is the villain still alive?

Fans went into Halloween Kills knowing that there was a third film to release, Halloween Ends, which sort of suggested that the killer would survive for a final slaying.

In Halloween Kills, Laurie suggests that with each bout of killing, Myers gets stronger and further distances himself from any kind of humanity.

The killer has appeared to be slain and resurrected many times before, but does that make him immortal?

Is Michael Myers immortal?

Many fans believe that Myers is immortal because of the ‘Curse of the Thorn’ narrative being introduced in the franchise’s 4-6 Timeline.

The ritual states that one family in the community must be sacrificed by one of their own in order for the community to thrive.

This is the main theory behind why Myers cannot die because there are still members of his family who are yet to be sacrificed for the ritual to be completed.

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