National Boss Day is nearly here giving employees the chance to honour and show appreciation towards their boss.

From inviting them to a wonderful lunch to just a simple thank you note to show your appreciation HITC have found the best ways to show how grateful you are towards them.

Companies often show their appreciation for their employees by rewarding them with bonuses and other incentives, but how do employees honour their bosses and managers for everything they have done throughout the year?

What is National Boss Day?

National Boss Day is celebrated annually on October 16th. It gives employees the opportunity to honour and appreciate their supervisors, employers, managers or bosses for their leadership and inspiration.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for workers to show their appreciation and gratitude for all of those things their boss does for them.

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The holiday was created by Patricia Bays Haroski as she believed that employees were unaware of the hard work and dedication their bosses put in as well as the challenges they tackle on a daily basis.

Ideas to celebrate National Boss Day 2021

HITC have found the best ways to honour your boss on National Boss Day 2021. Check them out here!

Share a meal with your boss

Have staff each bring an item of food or drink to the workplace for a wonderful lunch, such as doughnuts and cakes or perhaps you could treat your boss to a meal with the entire team. Enjoying a meal together can provide your team with an opportunity to bond and show how much you appreciate your boss.

Decorate your boss’s office

Sneak into your boss’s office before they get to work and decorate it for National Boss’s Day. You could use streamers, balloons and chocolates which will give them a nice start to the day.

Give your boss a handwritten thank you note

Telling your boss you are thankful for their mentorship by giving them a handwritten note is an ideal way to show them you care. When writing a note, try and be as thoughtful as possible for example you could thank them for a specific time they helped you or remark on their leadership style that you find impressive.

Create a thank you video for your boss

Using a phone or laptop each employee can record a short video saying thank you to their boss. Combine all of these short clips into one, add some background music and effects and then share it with your boss which will make them feel extra special.

Give your boss a special gift

Another great way to celebrate National Boss Day would be to buy a thoughtful gift for your boss. Gifts are a particularly good idea if all of the workers think of something personal to give.

Throw a surprise party for your boss

Get together with your colleagues and plan a surprise party to show your boss how much you appreciate them. You could even have the administrative staff schedule a meeting with your boss for the last hour of the day, then surprise your boss with a party!

Messages to send your boss on National Boss Day

  • I wanted to tell you how much I value you being my mentor and boss. You helped shape my career and professional life and showed me the way to convert my errors into skills. I truly appreciate all you have taught me. Happy Bosses Day!
  • Words can neither qualify nor measure how useful your advice and information have been. Thank you so much!
  • You have been a wonderful supervisor, mentor, teacher, and guide. Your advice and support have helped form my career. Thank you to the best boss ever.
  • You motivated me through times when I needed words of encouragement. Thank you for all of your support and advice.
  • Since I starting working with you, I have learned so much that has helped me become a better professional and a much better person. Thank you for everything.
  • I am grateful to be part of a business that cares so much about its workers and is constantly focused on their very best interests. Thank you!

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