Season 6 of The Masked Singer is getting more and more interesting with each passing episode and the person under the Cupcake costume was the latest one the viewers were obsessing over.

The Cupcake was part of Group B, which also consists of Mallard, Queen of Heart, Banana Split and new wild card entry, Caterpillar.

In the latest episode, Cupcake sang Bruno Mars’ Finesse and fans are desperate to know who’s hiding behind the costume.

Who is the Cupcake on The Masked Singer?

Despite an impressive performance and a lot of teasing, Cupcake was eliminated in the latest episode of The Masked Singer after getting the least votes. When the mask was taken off, it was revealed that Ruth Pointer was under the frosting.

Nicole Scherzinger was the only one among the judges to guess that the Cupcake was Ruth.

During the first performance, Cupcake said it’s been a “long time” since they’ve been solo as they are used to “sharing the spotlight.”

A bottle of Whiskey was shown in an old-school diner setting.

During the second performance, Cupcake called themselves a “Black Liz Taylor because If I fall in love with a guy, I’m all in”

Another telling clue from the last episode was the one involving “lots of husbands.”

Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Habitat for Humanity

Clues around Ruth Pointer Decoded

Ruth joined the American family vocal group The Pointer Sisters in 1972. She has been a part of the group for years, “sharing the spotlight” as stated in one of the first clues.

Furthermore, The Pointer Sisters was discovered by Jerry Wexler when they were backing Elvin Bishop at Whiskey A Go-Go. The Whiskey bottle shown in Cupcake’s first performance could be related to this.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Ruth’s personal life, the singer has been married five times and Cupcake says they have a “lot of husbands”. Are you able to connect the dots?

Who all are eliminated?

Contestants eliminated in Season 6 of The Masked Singer include Octopus, who was revealed to be Dwight Howard, Vivica A Fox as Mother Nature, Pufferfish, donned by Toni Braxton, Tyga as the Dalmatian, and Baby who was revealed to be Larry the Cable Guy.

Meanwhile, we are yet to find out who is Skunk, Hamster and Pepper, Queen of Hearts, Banana Split, Mallard, and wild card Caterpillar.

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