The killer series on Netflix, You, is returning for a third, bloodthirsty chapter with Penn Badgley’s, Joe Goldberg, and we are keen to answer where season 3 was filmed.

The third installment will narrate Joe’s married life with season 2 love interest, the aptly named Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti, as they welcome their son, Henry, into their complicated lives. The series will focus on the couple’s transition into suburban life and how Love copes when Joe gets a new infatuation in his crosshairs.

You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

You season 3 filming locations

You season 3 is primarily filmed in the American state of California, where filming for the third chapter began in November 2020.

Production was subject to a seven-month delay prior to when filming began in November, however, a further delay was brought about again in December.

Prior to filming season 3, season 1 of You was filmed in New York City, with filming for season 2 moving to Los Angeles in California.


The show has a tendency to change location every season, moving with main character Joe’s need to relocate after the bodies begin to pile up in one location.

Joe is usually found within the hustle and bustle of a city and moving to suburbia in season 3 is somewhat of a challenge for the killer.

In addition to filming in and around the California state, it was reported that the production for You season 3 also used various locations within Los Angeles to film – the previous location of You season 2.


Is Madre Linda a real place?

No, Madre Linda from You season 3 is a fictional place, and sadly, fans will not be able to visit the town per se.

However, it is thought that the fictional town’s name is a combination of Yorba Linda and Sierra Madre, which are two, separate cities both located in California.

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