Fans will be happy to hear that the release date and time for Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation episode 14 has been confirmed by Funimation.

Sundays are bliss for anime fans around the world.

Not only do we get new episodes of Demon Slayer and Boruto, but also Mieruko-chan, Fena: Pirate Princess and Mushoku Tensei.

The latter series, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, returned to our screens for its second cour of season 1 a few weeks ago to a fantastic global reception.

Now, we breakdown what date and time episode 14 will release online, as well as where you can read the original Mushoku Tensei light novel series.

Mushoku Tensei | Jobless Reincarnation Cour 2 Trailer

Mushoku Tensei | Jobless Reincarnation Cour 2 Trailer

Mushoku Tensei: Episode 14 release date and time

Episode 14 of Mushoku Tensei is scheduled to release through Funimation at 5 PM British Standard Time on Sunday, October 17th.

Fans should note that the next broadcast will be episode 14 from season 1, and not season 2 episode 3 as some outlets have reported.

New content is released first for those users with premium accounts at the following times, with episodes airing one week later for free:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM PDT
  • Eastern Time: 12 PM EDT
  • British Time: 5 PM BST
  • European Time: 6 PM CEST
  • India Time: 9.30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 12 AM PHT

This article will be updated if there is an official alteration to the scheduled release.

How to read the original manga and light novels…

Mushoku Tensei was originally a web novel series that debuted in 2012, before a print light novel version began in 2014.

The same year as the light novel series began printing volumes, a manga series also began serialisation in Monthly Comic Flapper.

At the time of writing, 24 web novel volumes, 25 light novel volumes and 15 manga volumes have been published in Japan. However, only 13 of both those light novels and manga volumes have been released in English.

Digital copies of the light novel can be purchased through Amazon, Google Play and Comixology. Physical light novel volumes can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Indiebound and Bookshop amongst others.

Online versions of the manga can also be found through Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and Comixology. Physical volumes of the manga are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Indigo and Bookshop.

What other anime have the voice cast also been in?

Yumi Uchiyama plays Rudeus as is probably best known for her roles in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World as ‘Puck’, Overlord as ‘Mare Bello Fiore’ and Tokyo Revengers as ‘Emma Sano’.

Sylphiette Greyrat is voiced by Ai Kayano, who fans may recognise as ‘Darkness’ from KonoSuba, ‘Alice’ from Sword Art Online and ‘Kanae Kocho’ from Demon Slayer.

Konomi Kohara voices Roxy Migurdia and featured in Classroom of the Elite as ‘Akane’, Demon Slayer as ‘Hanako Kamado’ and Sword Art Online as ‘Fizel’.

Eris Greyrat is played by Ai Kakuma, whose voice can be heard in Demon Slayer as ‘Makomo’, Fruits Basket as ‘Machi Kuraki’ and High School DxD as ‘Rossweisse’.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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