Kevin James started trending on Twitter for the most unusual reason but before you jump to conclusions it has nothing to do with the actor and comedian.

Twitter users were sent into a frenzy after the name of Grown Ups and Hitch star Kevin James went viral on the social media site.

But why was his name trending?

Why was Kevin James trending?

The King of Queens star started trending because many people got him confused with another Kevin James, who was an adult film actor.

An alleged and unconfirmed map of the most searched terms related to, umm, naughty movies, in the USA went viral on Twitter yesterday (October 13th) where Tennessee’s top search was ‘Kevin James’. 

That led to users sharing memes and funny reactions to people’s alleged and bizarre searches based on the states they live in.

Moreover, many people were baffled about other alleged top searches such as ‘Goth Hospital’ in Oklahoma, ‘Droopy Balls’ in Colorado and ‘Boats’ in Florida.

The unofficial map has gone viral on Twitter in the past but it is not clear who created it.

So, who was that Kevin James?

Kevin James was a famous adult film actor who appeared in a number of adult movies in the ’80s.

According to IMDB, he was born on November 17th, 1954 in Wisconsin as Kevin James Gibson.

He first pursued a career as an auto plant worker before he quit his job and joined the adult film industry when he was 25.

Kevin passed away in 1990 in Los Angeles.

Users flood Twitter with memes

It’s safe to say that many people found the alleged top searches weird and baffling and flooded Twitter with memes and hilarious reactions.

“The fact that anyone believed that “Kevin James” map was real proves that you can’t trust people to “do their own research” on the internet,” tweeted one person.

“Sorry, but Kevin James is the least weirdest thing I see on this map,” wrote another one.

Check out more reactions down below.

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