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The trailer for the Arsene Wenger Invincible documentary has just dropped, and it’s fair to say it looks absolutely brilliant, but how can we watch the Invincible documentary?

It looks like a must-watch for any football fan, but, if you’re an Arsenal fan you’ll be particularly keen to get all of the insight and stories behind one of the greatest managers and one of the greatest teams in football history.

This documentary will primarily focus on Wenger, but it will be set against the backdrop of the historic 2003/04 season that saw Arsenal go undefeated throughout an entire Premier League season.

So how can you watch this film made by Gabriel Clarke and Christian Jeanpierre? We have all the details on how to watch the Arsene Wenger documentary.

Your Club’s SOLD Player Who Is FLOPPING

Your Club’s SOLD Player Who Is FLOPPING

How to watch Arsene Wenger Invincible documentary?

Unfortunately, if you want to watch this film you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

Indeed, unlike brilliant sports documentaries such as The Last Dance or Amazon’s All or Nothing, this is not a project that is headed for a streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix – at least not yet anyway.

A streaming service could eventually pick this one up, but as of yet, there are no details on that front.

Instead, in order to watch this one upon its initial release, you’ll have to go to the cinema or buy a copy on DVD, Blu-Ray or digital download.

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Arsene Wenger documentary release date

The film is releasing in cinemas on 11 November, but it won’t be long before you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home with a DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download edition dropping on 22 November.

The DVD can be pre-ordered right now for a price of £9.99, while the Blu-Ray will set you back £12.99.

With the film dropping in late November, this would make a great Christmas gift for any football fan or any Arsenal supporter.

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