Girls Planet 999 episode 11 final elimination is taking place soon and the internet is filled with speculations and rumors about who will leave the show. So far, Mnet has announced that 18 participants out of 26 will survive the semi-final elimination. Check all updates on elimination, final 18, and where to watch details below.

With Mnet’s biggest survival show Girls Planet 999 finale only a week away, fans are eager to see their favorites making it to the top 9. While some names seem almost confirmed for the grand finales like Xioting, Yujin, Dayeon, or Hikaru, some believe that Yeseo or Su Ruiqi may not make the top 9 but survive the elimination.

Check below for live updates of Top 18 and elimination.

Mnet show Girls Planet 999 episode 11 – fans predict Yujin to be safe from elimination (Mnet/ Girls Planet 999 Instagram)

Girls Planet 999 episode 11, international airtime explained

Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 episode 11 will air on October 15th, at 8.20 PM KST/ 7.20 AM ET. Here’s the International release schedule.

  • Central Time: October 15th, 6:20 AM Friday, Central Time (CT)
  • Eastern Time: October 15th, 7:20 AM Friday, Eastern Time (ET)
  • Pacific Time: October 15th, 4:20 AM Friday, Pacific Time (PT)
  • European Time: October 15th, 1:20 PM Friday, Central European Summer Time (CEST)
  • British Time: October 15th, 12:20 PM Friday, British Summer Time (BST)
  • Indian Time: October 15th, 4:50 PM Friday, Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • Philippine Time: October 15th, 7:20 PM Friday, in the Philippines
  • Japan Time: October 15th, 8:20 PM Friday, in Tokyo, Japan
  • Australian Time: October 15th, 8:50 PM Friday, Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
Xiaoting for Girls Planet 999, fan-predicted top 18 contestants (Mnet/ Girls Planet 999 Instagram)

Preview of Girls Planet 999 episode 11 elimination explored

The preview reveals that Girls Planet 999 will save one contestant in the planet pass category and the top voted 17 participants will go to the final episode. Currently, the top contender for Girls Planet 999, Xiaoting wished to retain her position as number one while Su Yeon hoped to stay in the top 17.

If you are wondering about who made it to the top 17, keep an eye on this space for all the live updates on semi-final elimination.

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Prediction for semi-final elimination explored

Prior to the semi-final elimination, fans have predicted the top 18. According to fans, Xioting will make it to the top position again along with Yujin in number 3 and Mashiro coming in second. Su Ruiqi will make it to the top 9 as well as Yaning. Check a few predictions below.

Where to watch Girls Planet 999 ep 11

Watch Mnet’s biggest survival show Girls Planet 999 ep 11 on the Mnet Kpop YouTube channel with English subtitles and Mnet’s Naver TV on October 15th, 8.20 PM KST/ 7.20 AM ET.

Find the complete episode after the show ends on the iQiyi app or their website. Keep an eye on this space for all the updated highlights from the show.

Girls Planet 999 ep 11 live updates

(Spoilers ahead) (Keep Refreshing)

Girls Planet trainees have to go through one last mission that comes with huge benefits. The penultimate mission titled O.O.O will judge contestants individually.

O.O.O Mission Benefits

Team 1. Yujin – 90,000 points

Team 2. Bahiyyih – 90,000 points

Team 3. Young Eun – 80,000 points

Girls Planet 999 Top 18

The final 18 of Girls Planet 999 is being announced now.

No. 16 – Huang Xing Qiao

No. 15 – Kim Bora

No. 14 – Wen Zhe

No. 13 – Bahiyyih

No. 12 – Kang Ye Seo

No. 11 – Kim Chae Hyun

No. 10 – Su Rui Qi

No. 9 – Young Eun

No. 8 – Fu Ya Ning

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