Adopt Me has announced the release date for their Halloween update 2021 which will bring some new pets as well as a spooky house.

There’s been lots of additions to the game recently with fans now experiencing fall. The map is covered from head-to-toe in orange and red trees and it’s all very pretty.

But, away from colourful leaves, there is a spooky mansion that lurks in the shadows.

Adopt Me! | Fall Map Update! | Halloween Event Countdown Trailer

Adopt Me! | Fall Map Update! | Halloween Event Countdown Trailer

Adopt Me Halloween update 2021 release date

The release date for the Adopt Me Halloween update 2021 is October 28th.

This has been confirmed on the game’s official YouTube channel and a countdown has now begun following the start of fall. It’s exactly the same launch day as last year so it shouldn’t be too surprising for fans.

With the countdown now available, there is one particular new pet that fans are anticipating.

Adopt Me Halloween update 2021 pets

One of the new pets for the Adopt Me Halloween update 2021 appears to be an evil chick.

The game’s official YouTube channel has an image of a spooky house posted in its community tab. Just in front of the spooky home is a stay out sign which has a blue chick pet on it.

Aside from possibly an evil chick, the official Twitter account has also teased a skeleton dog.

Map changes

One of the map changes for the celebration of Hallow’s Eve will be the introduction of a spooky house.

It has dark colours and ominous atmosphere, and it has also trees with bright eyes and creepy smiles. If you’re brave enough, you will be able to pass the snazzy ghost and enter its doors once the Halloween update begins.

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