The new Disney + show, Just Beyond, has premiered on the streaming platform and new fans of the show are already wondering if the series will continue into season 2.

The American anthology series, created by Seth Grahame-Smith, is based on Boom! Studios’ graphic novels of the same name by Goosebumps writer, R.L. Stine, and follows Mckenna Grace in a world full of aliens, witches, ghosts, and more.

Just Beyond | Official Trailer | Disney+

Just Beyond | Official Trailer | Disney+

Will Just Beyond return for season 2?

At this time, Disney has not renewed nor canceled Just Beyond, but there are details that hint at its continuation.

Just Beyond season 1 was uploaded in its entirety to Disney + on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

While an official statement has not yet been released, creator Grahame-Smith briefly discussed its continuation during a virtual panel at New York Comic-Con.

Grahame-Smith said: “If Disney+ wants another season, in my mind, there’s like, five more seasons of stories that I want to tell with this, at least. But it’s not my choice.”

Fans of the show can be comforted by the creator’s enthusiasm to continue, however, Disney will have to wait and see if the series is a hit with viewers before renewing it.

How many episodes are in season 1?

Just Beyond has eight episodes in total within its first season and we’ve highlighted the episode titles below for easy navigating:

Episode 1: “Leave Them Kids Alone”
Episode 2: “Parents Are From Mars, Kids Are From Venus”
Episode 3: “Which Witch”
Episode 4: “My Monster”
Episode 5: “Unfiltered”
Episode 6: “We’ve Got Spirits, Yes We Do”
Episode 7: “Standing Up for Yourself”
Episode 8: “The Treehouse”

Each episode within season 1 has an estimated run time of around 30 minutes each.

Just Beyond reviews

A collection of early reviews for Just Beyond suggests that the anthology series is a decent addition to Disney’s catalog.

The creator’s decision to present the series in an anthology format means that each outing feels fresh to viewers, existing within Stine’s imaginative world.

CGM also mentioned that viewers should remember that this is a Disney show, meaning that there are “feel-good life lessons among these otherworldly creatures.”