Remember when the chair emoji was all over your social media feeds? Yeah, now the red flag emoji has taken over.

If you’re seeing red flags on your Twitter feed and you’re not sure why, allow us to explain.

Red flag explained

In a nutshell, a red flag is used to symbolise danger or an issue.

Typically, red flags are used to describe problem areas in a friendship or a relationship – a turn off or a dealbreaker. However, there can also be red flags in other aspects of your life, like your workplace.

It goes without saying, red flags are personal preferences and what one person may view as a problem, another could see it as perfectly normal.

Urban Dictionary describes the term as: “Stopping what you’re doing because because something has made the environment unsafe. Derived from the racing flag that is used to stop a race because of unsafe conditions.”

How to jump on the red flag trend

If you’re looking to jump on this Twitter trend, it’s super easy.

Simply list your red flag in a partner or friend – it could be anything from disliking a certain movie to not eating a type of food – and add a bunch of red flag emojis.

The trend looks to have surfaced earlier this week and, as we all know, Twitter fads come and go at lighting speed. If you want to hop on the trend, be quick!

Examples of the red flag trend on Twitter

Want to see the traits that some Twitter users consider to be red flags? Take a look…


The real red flag


Even Twitter joined the trend

Have you jumped on the trend yet?

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