28-year-old Catherine Khan was ejected from a Lamborghini in Atlanta, Georgia.

Catherine Khan was said to have been intoxicated at a bar which is where an argument broke out between her and an unknown man. She later got into a Lamborghini and was then ejected from the vehicle soon after.

HITC has found out what allegedly happened to Catherine Khan and also explore the possibility that the Instagram model could have been ejected from the Lamborghini by the unnamed driver.

Who was Catherine Khan?

Catherine Khan was a 28-year-old Instagram model. Her family and friends described her as having “the most beautiful heart” and a “good soul.”

Khan was the eldest daughter of four children and her parents said that she used to love family gatherings. She was also said to have loved children and animals and that she was a “giver” who gave her time and energy to her loved ones.

Catherine Khan’s family and friends were distraught at their loss but found solace in knowing that she blessed two babies through organ donation.

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What happened to Catherine Khan?

Catherine Khan was ejected from a Lamborghini in Buckhead, Atlanta around 11 PM on Monday night (October 11th).

Catherine reportedly got drunk at a bar and then started fighting with an unknown male. At some point during the night, they both got into a white convertible Lamborghini where police say the altercation continued.

When the Lamborghini reached the Buckhead Intersection of the Peachtree and Piedmont roads, Catherine was ejected from the vehicle that subsequently sped off.

She was rushed to Grady Memorial hospital by paramedics but unfortunately, they were unable to save her life.

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Was Catherine Khan robbed?

Reportedly Catherine Khan started fighting with a man after accusing him of stealing her purse, identification and a sentimental family heirloom.

Her purse contained her wallet, credit cards, an item belonging to her grandmother and her identification.

The heated argument was captured on a witness’ mobile phone. It shows Khan hitting the white Lamborghini shouting: “Call the cops! I just got robbed… My ID, my card, everything. Everything is gone!”

Khan then jumped into the white Lamborghini where the argument continued. She kept yelling that she had been robbed and at this point, she was ejected from the vehicle.

Was Catherine Khan killed?

It is currently under investigation by Atlanta police how Khan was ejected from the luxury vehicle. They are looking into the circumstances of the incident to determine whether Catherine jumped out to escape the argument or was deliberately pushed from the moving vehicle. Atlanta police said that she was not shot, stabbed or run over by any other vehicles.

Interestingly, a video emerged which showed an argument occurring before Catherine’s death. Atlanta police also released an audio call to 911 that hears the initial caller say that Khan was “thrown” out of the Lamborghini, therefore her death is currently being treated as suspicious.

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