Boris Johnson was spotted painting during his holiday and people on Twitter have shared their wild suggestions about what the PM’s sketch might have been.

The Prime Minister is currently on a holiday in Marbella with his wife Carrie Symonds, and their 17-month-old son, Wilfred.

Photo by Rebecca Fulton / Downing Street via Getty Images

Boris Johnson seen painting during a holiday

Boris Johnson was spotted painting during his vacation at Zac Goldsmith’s villa in Spain.

The PM recently jetted off on a holiday and is currently staying at a £25,000-a-week mansion situated in the hills above Marbella.

His painting picture, which was published by the Mirror, shows the PM in a white shirt standing and drawing something on a canvas in the villa he is staying with his family.

What was the PM painting according to Twitter

Social media users have flooded Twitter with their wild suggestions about Johnson’s potential painting.

The Mirror suggested that the PM might have drawn a sketch connected to the HGV driver shortage.

Someone else suggested a simple sketch like the one below.

Another one pointed how the PM’s snap resonates a similar one to Winston Churchill.

Churchill was pictured painting during a holiday in Spain.

Someone else suggested it could be a sketch of Agent 007.

Several people suggested that the PM might have painted something like this.

Maybe Johnson was painting himself as this sketch suggests?

Someone else assumed that the PM might have done a sketch of his partner.

Or perhaps there was a colouring page attached to the canvas.

Here is another suggestion as to why the PM had decided to paint.

Or a happy family picture?

Or perhaps something similar to what Churchill painted during his holiday in Spain?

Or a simple one as the sea and the sun since the PM is enjoying a holiday with his family.

Another user suggested a landscape painting.

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