Every other day fans search up either Sommer Ray’s OnlyFans or bikini pics.

Let us make one thing clear. Sommer is not active on OnlyFans. But, you can often see the star pulling off a new Bikini look on her Instagram.

The Imarais beauty founder has often been touted as one of the fittest and most natural-looking influencers on Instagram. We take a look at ‘5 times Sommer’s cheeky Instagram post had fans swooning.’

Flaunting those cheeks

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Keeping in tone with her persona the 25-year-old model turned entrepreneur posted this brand new pic on her Insta.

The star dons a pink and white high-cut crop top with a baby pink thong and poses for the camera. The pink rollers in her hair compliment her look immensely. Needless to say, fans found this cheeky display rather ‘alluring.’

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Promoting her brand while swooning fans

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Sommer has been promoting her skin-care brand Imarais beauty these days. So far the brand sells sugar bear gummies meant to enhance your skin.

However, Sommer who is a professional influencer knew that the box of the sugar bear gummies alone wouldn’t attract potential buyers, hence she strategically configured this image.

The first thing we see is Sommer’s shapely body and gorgeous hair and then you notice the Imarais beauty box. Cheeky ain’t it!

Channelling some princes Leia vibes

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What comes to your mind when you look at this picture for the very first time?

For us, it was how well Sommer pulled off the golden colour. The star looks breathtaking in the golden bralette and the gold thingi tied around her waist.

While the golden look for sure makes us think of Princess Leia, what made this picture cheeky is how the green towel is teasingly placed around her lower body.

Lastly, that red necklace sure adds more beauty to the look.

Sommer for sure can pull off a dress

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While most of Sommer’s pictures give off that ‘made you look’ vibe, this one is more subtle than the others.

The star dons a transparent dress, that not only shows off her panties and nipple pasties but also her stunningly fit figure. We have all seen how hard the influencer works to maintain her body.

Jeans can be cheeky too

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Who knew non-ripped jeans could be cheeky too!

We didn’t until coming across this picture of the star. This whole look for us, screams cheeky. The jeans and t-shirt look stunning on Sommer, but it’s her hairstyle that steals the show. It looks innocent, yet cheeky!

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