One type of video that never fails to entertain TikTok users is dog clips.

Whether it’s someone showing off their cute puppy, playing a hilarious prank on their pooch or doing the latest viral dog-related challenge, they’re bound to put a smile on your face.

The latest pup that’s taking over TikTok is Noodle, an adorable Pug who has gone viral for a very specific reason. He sometimes wakes up with no bones!

Just kidding, he does have bones really. But his intense laziness inspired his owner Jonathan to launch a totally hilarious TikTok game.

Who is Noodle?

Noodle is a 13-year-old pug.

Incase you’re not aware, 13 is pretty old for a dog, and as a result, he’s very very lazy.

His owner Jonathan makes videos about him on the TikTok profile @jongraz which has a staggering 411,000 followers.

Noodle sometimes has ‘no bones’

Jonathan posts a video almost every day in which he finds out whether his dog has any bones that day.

Scientifically, Noodle obviously does have bones. But, he sometimes chooses to do a bizarre thing where he makes himself all floppy, and it looks as though he has no bones inside him at all.

“Hello everyone and welcome to another round of no bones, the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with no bones,” he says at the start of every video.

Then, he proceeds to pick Noodle up out of his bed where he is sleeping and see whether he stands up or flops back into the bed.

Usually, it’s a “no bones day,” but every now and again Noodle will decide to actually stand up and use his legs. Although, it is pretty rare.

TikTok users join in with ‘no bones day’

TikTok users are obsessed with Jonathan, Noodle and the ‘no bones’ game, and have even started taking part in the game themselves.

When Jonathan determines that it’s a “no bones day,” many TikTok users joke that they are also going to ignore their daily responsibilities and stay in bed. It would be rude not to join Noodle, wouldn’t it?

One person commented: “Have been personally having a very no bones morning so came to see if Noodle was also having one and honestly I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.”

“My decision not to go to class has been approved,” said another.

A third person added: “I knew before I even watched that it was a no bones day. Back to bed for me, I’m flopping on all my work today.”

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