Memes can emerge from just about anything.

People, TV shows, music, objects, movies, animals. You name it, there’s probably a meme about it.

The latest thing to fall victim to the meme world is a vegetable, a Japanese radish to be specific.

Here’s why the Japanese radish is dominating social media.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

What is a Japanese radish?

Okay, let’s start with the basics. What actually is a Japanese radish I hear you ask?

Well, a Japanese radish, or daikon as it’s also known, is a vegetable that is popular in Japan.

A daikon is a long, white Asian radish variety that is commonly used in Asian cooking.

It looks like a giant white carrot, around 20 to 35cm long and 5 to 10cm in diameter.

Right, now we’ve got that clarified, let’s move onto the memes.

The radish is often memed due to its appearance

For years, the Japanese radish is been subject to hundreds of viral memes due to its appearance.

Whilst they’re supposed to grow into a long carrot shape, they often develop abnormalities that make them easily meme-able.

On social media, people often turn the Japanese radish into a person, as they develop growths that look like arms and legs.

There’s something about a walking, human-like radish that’s oh-so-hilarous, and a real crowd-pleaser.

No Time to Die | Final Trailer

No Time to Die | Final Trailer

The 29 feet radish meme explained

On Twitter, you might have seen people talking about Japanese radishes and 29 feet.

The meme usually says someone is “29 feet away from a Japanese radish,” but what does that mean?

It all relates to a funny scientific statistic that says a single Japanese radish gives a human enough energy to walk 28 feet.

Social media users joke that if the next radish is 29 feet away, humans are doomed and will run out of energy.

Of course, it’s all just a silly joke, but the thought of someone trying to leap from the 28 foot mark to the next radish whilst their energy runs out is pretty funny nonetheless.

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