TikTok user Honey LeStrange is claiming that Halsey allegedly pulled her off-stage, mid-performance, at an LA strip club, to act out her own ‘stripper fantasy.’ 

The exotic dancer has accused Hasley of allegedly coopting s*x workers’ aesthetic without actually respecting them. She also claimed that the singer “got in the way of her, getting paid.”

Who is Honey LeStrange?

Honey is a TikTok creator with 4610 followers. She is also an exotic dancer by profession.

From her social media, we know that that TikToker lives and works in Los Angeles. The user is the mom of a seven-year-old son.

The star is also one of the people behind Strippers United, a movement meant to provide professional strippers with higher working standards.

Honey’s TikTok contains a variety of content but she is known for speaking up for the rights of indigenous people.

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What is the TikToker’s drama with Halsey?

Honey posted a storytime video on October 9 narrating her alleged experience of working with Halsey. The TikToker states that the ‘Without Me’ singer had booked the LA strip club, The Cheetahs, back in 2019.

The singer allegedly did so to promote her 2019 single Nightmare. Honey claims that the star insisted that all dancers had to be there to perform that night.

The TikToker goes on to explain that dancers don’t typically like working at celebrity parties because oftentimes the pay is poor. She claims that she felt hopeful that night seeing that her fellow dancers were being tipped well.

She claims that she had been around the club since 9 PM and had waited her turn until 1:40 AM when she finally got on stage. The dancer further said that she had just started her set when her manager quickly interrupted and told her that Halsey was going to perform instead.

Honey further narrates that when Halsey allegedly came on stage and started to dance, many assumed it was the final act and littered the stage with money.

The TikToker claims that when she got on stage she was “dancing to the tune of people leaving,” because many had already run out of tips to give.

In the comments, the dancer further explains, “Yes my manager is also at fault. However, she was the one calling the shots that night. She made the decision to go on.

The TikTok user then claims that the stage was barely visible during Halsey’s performance as it was littered with money.

Honey also stated that Halsey allegedly gave away the money thrown at her on stage and it was split between 36 dancers. The amount only came to about $120 each.

Explaining further she said that strippers don’t receive an hourly wage because they owe money to the club that allows them to perform and the DJ too.

Lastly, she claims that she only made $20 that night after working a shift 5-hour shift.

Did the singer respond to the claims?

Halsey hasn’t responded to the TikToker’s claims at the time of writing this. There is no report suggesting an incident of this sort occurred besides Honey’s TikToks.

Meanwhile, Halsey was recently seen on SNL alongside Kim Kardashian West.

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