Wild ‘N Out star Gerald Fulton Jr., famously known as Hitman Holla, has spoken about his girlfriend Cinnamon allegedly getting shot in the face during a home invasion. 

The rapper has requested fans to send their prayers saying Cinnamon is currently at the hospital after sustaining the alleged gunshot. 

Hitman said he was “1000 miles away” when the alleged incident took place. 

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Who is Cinnamon?

Hitman’s girlfriend Cinnamon is an entrepreneur and influencer. 

She has her own online shopping and retail store called CINNY and identifies herself as the CEO of the establishment. 

Her Instagram bio shows that she travels between St. Louis and Atlanta. Meanwhile, Cinnamon also has a cooking business called Cinny’s Food. 

The Instagram account for the same shows several of her recipes and menu from which the customers can order. 

Her main Instagram page has over 267,000 followers and consists of several pictures with her rapper boyfriend. 

Her bio also shows a ring emoticon next to her boyfriend’s name. But it isn’t clear if they are engaged or married.

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What happened to Hitman Holla’s girlfriend?

According to the rapper, Cinnamon was allegedly shot in the face last night, (October 12), by 4 intruders who allegedly broke into their home. 

He explained in his post, “Bullet went through her cheek and out the back of her head…she’s at the hospital now being strong..send prayers my way cause Y’all couldn’t imagine what I’m going through rite now, Pray for me 2 cause I’m ready to lose it all.”

And, in the caption for the same post, the rapper further added that he was out of town when the alleged shooting took place while praising her for being “brave”. 

The caption read, “I’m so proud of how she was so brave..I can’t stop crying man plz send positive energy our way I need it y’all I really really need it.”

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Fans send their prayers 

There is no update on Cinnamon’s condition at the time of this writing and neither has the police nor any official record confirmed the alleged shooting. The information available so far is only based on Hitman’s claims in his social media post.

However, fans have been sending their prayers hoping Cinnamon recovers soon from the alleged gunshot wound. 

One tweeted, “Wishing nothing but a speedy and healthy recovery to Cinnamon, the gf of Hitman Holla as she took a bullet from a home invasion. Pure sadness”

Another wrote, “Prayers up for Hitman Holla and his girl”

One tweeted, “@HitmanHolla bless you and wifey praying for nothin but the best .. much love big dawg”

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