A TikTok shared by the user Hickleberry has gone viral as it shows a man and a woman being escorted out of the bathroom by cops at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium.

The viral video gained a lot of attention as Internet users assumed the couple was allegedly having s*x in the bathroom stall when Eagles vs Panthers game was going on.

But, there’s more to the story than what the video presents.


Bro was getting the sloppy jalopy and got arrested for it. Free my mans

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Hickleberry’s viral TikTok explored

The video shared by the TikTok user Hickleberry has so far been viewed more than 12.6 million times.

With an overlay text and a voice-over that says, “Things you see at Panthers Game”, the video shows a man and a woman being escorted out of the bathroom stall by the cops.

While it isn’t clear as to what they were doing inside the bathroom, a large crowd waited outside to capture the entire drama on their phone as it unfolded, hooting and shouting.

The man is seen wearing an Eagles T-shirt, while the woman is wearing a No. 17 replica of Eagles jersey.

The video also shows the man being handcuffed while the woman is escorted by another officer who was standing close by.

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Were the Eagles fans arrested?

The police have issued a statement surrounding the viral incident that took place at the latest NFL game and confirmed that the people in question weren’t arrested.

According to Charlotte Observer, the cops said in a statement, “CMPD officers were requested to respond to a restroom inside Bank of America Stadium due to reports of a female inside one of the stall.”

“After locating the male and female involved, they were subsequently asked to leave the property for violating Bank of America Stadium policy. There were no arrests associated with this incident,” it further reads.

Neither of the parties from the viral TikTok has been identified.

People react to the video from Panther Games

While no information about the woman in the video has been disclosed, Internet users are busy debating over her age. While some feel she looks “underage” while the man she was with appears to be older, the others feel she shouldn’t be judged by her looks.

One user wrote in the comments, “Looking Underage doesn’t mean she’s underage..period.

Another said, “This was a couple I found the article talking about this incident and it mentions nothing of her being underage. Ya’ll jump to conclusions so quick.”

One argued, “Ok but why can’t the people saying “sources say she was 16” provide said sources when asked?