Tom Cruise is the latest A-lister to fall victim to internet trolls’ harsh words.

After appearing at a baseball game, social media users labelled the actor as ‘fat’, speculating that he had undergone plastic surgery.

Tom Cruise makes baseball appearance

Top Gun star Tom Cruise stopped at the Giants V Dodgers game on Monday, and it sure got the internet talking.

Whilst Cruise and his son Connor were enjoying the game, social media users had a lot to say about the 59-year-old’s appearance.

Some people thought that the actor’s face appeared ‘puffy’, prompting rumours of botox or face filler. Others felt as though Cruise’s overall look had dramatically changed and that he didn’t look like himself.

Why has the actor’s face changed?

Tom Cruise’s latest public outing had a lot of people talking about surgery rumours.

In talks with The Daily Mail, Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of the Cosmedics skin clinics, shared: “Tom looks significantly different in his most recent pictures and I would suggest it’s a combination of weight gain and dermal fillers.

“Tom’s cheeks look taut yet puffy and by having this amount of fillers placed in this area, which is said to restore plumpness which we lose as we age, it actually only makes his eyes look much smaller and gives him a chipmunk-type appearance.”

Photo by CBS via Getty Images

On the flip side, Dr Alice Henshaw, the owner and practitioner of Harley Street Injectables, disagreed. Henshaw pointed out: “A side profile view of him shows his neck is also quite swollen. Filler would not be placed in this area, which signifies it would not be filler but rather swelling or weight gain.”

Has Tom Cruise ever admitted to surgery?

Hollywood star Cruise often sparks cosmetic surgery rumours, notably in 2012 and again in 2016.

Opening up about plastic surgery in a 2012 Playboy interview, the actor simply denied the rumours, stating: “I haven’t, and I never would.”

Scream | Official Trailer

Scream | Official Trailer

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