Enhypen has come back with their first full album ‘Dimension Dilemma’ and fans have taken to Twitter to gush over the powerful album’s title track ‘Tamed-Dashed.’ Here’s what the group said about the title track’s meaning and more.

‘Dimension Dilemma,’ Enhypen’s first full length album consists of eight tracks including Intro : Whiteout, Tamed-Dashed, Upper Side Dreamin, Just A Little Bit, Go Big or Go Home, Blockbuster feat. TXT Yeonjun, Attention, please! and Interlude : Question.

Introducing their new album, Enhypen explained that ‘Dimension Dilemma’ will kick start their ‘Dimension’ series where they will explore how various conflicting values co-exist which leads to their ‘Dilemma’ and how they will navigate through it finding their own identity.

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‘Tamed-Dashed,’ meaning of MV explored

The rookie super group’s album ‘Dimension Dilemma’ recieved an overwhleming response from the fans as it debuted at #1 on Hanteo daily chart with 501,748 copies sold.

Fans were particularly fascinated with ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ the track where the group talked about their jourey of being ‘tamed’ and their desire to ‘dash away’ from it.

The music video shows two parallel universe where only a football can travel from one to another. Explaining the meaning of ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ a Reddit user said, “I was thinking the ‘tamed’ part of the title refers to the tackling part of the game, when the two teams first go against each other. then they would carry the ball to these dashed line to score which stands for the ‘dashed’.”

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The user explained, “I found out that the lines of the football fields and the teams standing are in parallel and just like dimensions mentioned in b:c. in order to cross the wormhole according to einstein’s theory is that there’s a space fold but really its just two parallel universe intertwined through a space-time bridge.”

And concluded saying, “so the football field could really be an analogy as to how there’s a clash between two parallel universes as was mentioned from the song ‘Outro:Wormhole’!”

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Lyrics of ‘Tamed-Dashed’ explained

Along with the Nolan-esque music video of ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ the lyrics of their latest title track highlights the album’s theme, ‘Dilemma’, speaking of many conflicts that they are facing.

In Verse one, the group sings, “Should I be tamed/ Flash of desire enchanting me/ Dreams beautiful/ And grotesque/ Keep changing shape/ Oh, twisted and tangled/ Dilemma of choice within dimensions/ Taking a step/ Makes me afraid/ I hate to be or not.”

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In Verse 2, the group talks about the transition of youth, “Oh, must I stop
I’m addicted to this hazy dream/ Oh, days gone by/ I can’t see the familiar me.”

Surrendering to the contradictory emotions, the group decides to ‘keep it running.’ In chorus they say, “Exhausting agonizing thoughts/ Between the horns/ So keep it going, keep it going on right now/ Just keep it running, keep it running up right now/ You’re trapped by the same choices/ You’re frozen not knowing what to do/ Then take my hand and run.”

Check the complete lyrics here.

Enhypen will be next seen on a comeback Vlive at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET and later on Weekly Idol at 8 PM KST/ 7 AM ET. Keep an eye on this space to check all about the group’s comeback schedule.

Watch ‘Tamed-Dashed’ music video below.

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