Derrick Rose is engaged to girlfriend Alaina Anderson. We take a look at the NBA star’s partner, her ethnicity, kids and profession.

The three-time NBA All Star took to his Instagram on Tuesday (Oct. 12) to announce the big news to his fans. We can only imagine how love-filled the proposal was, given the star’s post announcing the engagement was hella romantic.

While many fans congratuled the couple, others wondered who Alaina is!

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Meet Alaina Anderson

Alaina is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and a New York native.

The star who has close to 300,000 followers on Instagram, runs the health and beauty company known as KIC (Keep It Cute).

Alaina’s Instagram shows that the soon to be star-wife is a travel and fashion lover. Her posts feature her recent trip to Italy, where the fashionista looks absolutely stunning.

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Reports claim that the enterprenuer is of mixed ethnicity, but her descent is not very clear at the moment.

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The KIC company’s website sells athletic wear as well as fitness equipments.

Not only do the sportswear designs look unique and chic, on an average, a set of workout clothes retail between $55 to $85. Apparels such as basic jogging leggings and sweatshirt is also available on the website.

Relationship with Derrick Rose explored

Derrick has been an NBA star for over a decade now. The star who plays for the New York Knicks now was intially drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2008.

Reports suggest that Derrick and Alaina met in 2016 and got pregnant in 2018, after dating for 2 years. The pair reportedly got married in secret at the time, because they wanted to start a family as a married couple.

The ceremony was extremely private. However, Alaina still refers to Derrick as ‘baby daddy’ rather than her husband.

The duo shares two toddlers now: a daughter named Layla Malibu Rose and a son named London Marley Rose. Moreover, Alaina is also the step mom of Derrick’s son from a previous relationship.

Moreover the recent engagement shows that the pair is ready to have a grand public wedding now.

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Fans react to NBA star’s engagement

While many congratuled the basketball star for his engagement, others were seeminly upset to have missed their shot with him.

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