In a shocking turn of events, recent reports claimed that Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail Myrie had gone missing.

The Jamaican musician has reportedly been at odds with his 21-year-old daughter for the past few days. The social media influencer made claims that her father had allegedly physically attacked her.

The musician has not responded to these claims yet.

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Is Abihail Myrie missing?

No, Abihail is not missing.

The model recently took to her social media to debunk these rumours. She posted a statement from her “REAL lawyer.”

The statement called the rumours about Abihail gone missing, “false and malicious.”

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The rumours claimed that Abihail was last spotted at her house. Shockingly, her home address was also leaked. However, the statement has debunked them, as it states, “at no time whatsoever did her close friends and/or associates experienced any difficulty in locating her.

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More rumours about Abihail were swirling around, few of which claimed that she was “kidnapped” another one even claimed she was “imprisoned.”

The statement clears that “she was neither kidnapped nor falsely imprisoned.”

The cheeky model also posted a tweet saying, “there’s no way I could have been missing when I was at his house on Sunday, no movement day.”

Everything we know about Buju Banton’s daughter

Abihail who has over 60,000 followers on Instagram is a celeb in her own right.

From her Instagram, we know that she is a fashion enthusiast. Her account features the star looking stunning in various outfits. She is also a huge pop culture fanatic and often posts references from famous movies.

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Abihail’s Instagram handle lists her as an ‘Artist’ however we couldn’t make out what her profession actually is.

Abihail is reportedly Buju’s youngest daughter.

Who are the musician’s other kids?

It is not clear how many kids Buju aka Mark Anthony Myrie, actually has. While some portals claim it’s 17 others say it’s 15.

However, some of Buju’s more well-known kids are Jodian, Jahleel Shadai, Jahazeil, Mark and Abihail.

Just last year, Jahazeil announced he is no longer using his father’s name ‘Myrie’ as a part of his professional moniker. At the time he reportedly also posted several alleged cryptic tweets which many internet users speculated were aimed at his father.