Are you seeing red flags 🚩here, there, and everywhere? You’re not alone.

It turns out that the red flag emoji take-over is part of a viral social media trend, similar to the excessive use of the chair emoji last month.

So, what does 🚩 mean and how can you jump on the emoji trend bandwagon?

🚩 meaning explained

A red flag means exactly what you think it means: impending danger, a no-go, a big problem, a warning sign.

Typically, the use of 🚩 is used to describe a deal-breaker in a relationship or friendship, according to personal preference of course.

Won’t wear a costume for Halloween? Red flag. They don’t laugh at the TikToks that you send to them? 🚩!

Why has the red flag emoji taken over social media?

Social media users have been spreading their β€˜red flag’ opinions with the use of the emoji.

Everyone from A-list celebrities to company Twitter accounts have been joining in on the trend.

Want to hop on? Simply list your red flag in a partner or friend – it could be anything from disliking a certain movie to not eating a type of food – and add a bunch of red flag emojis.

The trend looks to have surfaced earlier this week and, as we all know, social media fads come and go at lighting speed – so be quick!

The 🚩 emoji has been making its way across Twitter, Facebook and now even TikTok, with the β€˜red flags in my room’ trend becoming pretty prominent.

Examples of the 🚩 trend

Take a look at these red flag examples, do you agree?


One user tweeted: β€œβ€˜Gaming is boring’ πŸš©πŸš©πŸš©πŸš©β€

Another wrote: β€œHe say’s he isn’t ready for a relationship yet πŸš©πŸš©πŸš©πŸš©β€

Some people are even already tired of the trend, with one person taking to Twitter: β€œmy tl ain’t nothing but red flags and snap being down lmao.”


Over on TikTok, people are using the β€˜red flag’ reference for different areas – including exposing odd or interesting things in their house or room.

Take a look:

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Hoarders | New Season Trailer

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