**Warning – Spoilers ahead for The Five Juanas**

Fans of the new Netflix series, The Five Juanas, are wondering if the soap opera drama will continue into season 2.

The Netflix series is based on the 1997 Colombian telenovela by Bernardo Romero Pereiro and is written by the original creator’s daughter, Jimena Romero. The premise follows five women who meet randomly in Cancun and soon realize they all have the same name.

Robin Robin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Robin Robin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Will The Five Juanas return for season 2?

The Five Juanas has not been renewed nor canceled by Netflix yet.

Netflix sometimes announces a show’s renewal before the finale, but more often than not, the streaming service waits until a month or so after to see how the show performs.

Therefore, fans should expect to hear news of its renewal or cancellation before the year is over.

Taking the season 1 finale into consideration, a cliffhanger in the narrative suggests that the show could continue.

Season 1 ending recap

At the end of the 18-episode season 1, the sisters manage to distance themselves legally from their father, Rogelio Marroquín, and are able to get him arrested for money laundering.

The season finale revealed that there was another sister out in the world, which is a promising thread to lead into a second season.

The series also ends on a high as the sisters are finally free to live as they please, with Matilde continuing her singing career, Manuela operating her club, and Valentina continuing her relationship with Federico Marroquín.

The Five Juanas review

Early reviews for the soap opera are largely favorable, with most critics encouraging viewers to take it for what it is and enjoy.

Decider commented that The Five Juanas leans into classic telenovela tropes with room to improve on the comedic side. However, it recognizes that this could be a winning guilty pleasure for some.

Ready Steady Cut noted that it could be the series for you if you like a whole load of drama filling your television screen. The Five Juanas’ intriguing premise is also applauded.