The 125th Boston Marathon was delayed because of the pandemic but here’s who made it to the finish line and claimed victory.

The marathon took place on Monday, October 11th after a 30-month absence.

Boston Marathon featured a socially-distanced and smaller event compared to previous years.

But who were the winners of the event? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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Who won the 2021 Boston marathon?

The 2021 winners are Benson Kipruto, Diana Chemtai Kipyogei, Marcel Hug and Manuela Schar.

Benson claimed victory at the men’s division and Diana won the women’s race. Meanwhile, Manuela won women’s wheelchair field and Marcel the men’s one.

The event was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the last one took place in April 2019.

The 2021 edition took place under strict regulations as spectators were asked to keep their distance.

Who are Benson Kipruto and Diana Chemtai Kipyogei?

Benson is a Kenyan long-distance runner. The winner finished 10th at the 2019 Boston Marathon but came stronger for this year’s event.

Benson managed to beat CJ Albertson at halfway through the race and finished 46 seconds before him.

Moreover, he was the winner of the 2021 Prague Marathon and the 2018 Toronto Marathon.

Diana managed to beat Edna Kiplagat, finishing 23 seconds before the 2017 Boston Marathon winner. Diana also won the Istanbul Marathon in 2020 and she has run three officials marathons up to this point in her life.

Speaking to WBZ, Diana said that the biggest challenge of the Boston race was Heartbreak Hill.

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Who are Marcel Hug and Manuela Schar?

Marcel has competed at the Boston Marathon eight times and won five of the races in his life.

The winner is also famous on social media as he has nearly 3,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

“The car went straight and I followed the car,” Marcel addressed a challenge during the race. “But it’s my fault. I should go right, but I followed the car.”

Manuela is a Paralympian athlete who has competed and won many races in her career.

She won the 2017 and 2019 Boston Marathons, the 2017 London Marathon, as well as the 2018 Chicago Marathon and the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon.

Before the Boston event, she won this year’s London and Berlin Marathons.

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