Emma B aka Emma Wilson, the Magic FM DJ has made claims that Wayne Couzens, the former police officer flashed at her thirteen odd years before the murder of Sarah Everard took place. If you are wondering who is Emma B, here’s all we know about her and the alleged claims.

Magic FM DJ Emma B talked about this in an interview with Telegraph where she claimed that the incident happened in 2008. Her shocking allegation also revealed that the police ‘laughed at her face’ when she reported the flashing incident.

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Who is Emma B?

Emma B, a radio presenter has come out in public to share her story. In an Interview, she divulged, “I really wouldn’t say anything out loud if I wasn’t very sure, because it’s important and it’s serious, but as soon as I saw the pictures of him, I said ‘That’s him’.”

“They laughed when I was describing the graphic bits and what he was doing, they thought that bit was particularly funny. The reason why I’m saying something is because now a girl is dead. I have a daughter who’s at university.”

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She added at the end, “As a mother, I’m thinking if somebody didn’t say something, and that resulted in my daughter’s death, I wouldn’t be able to live with that.”

Wayne Couzens and wife Elena from Facebook

Met Police’s response to Emma B’s claims

Telegraph reported that Emma B’s case is now being investigated by The Metropolitan Police. The new allegations have added to the claims previously made by a drag artist who was allegedly molested while he was in costume at the New Inn pub in Deal, Kent, in 2018 when Couzens apparently proposed sex to the artist.

Another claim of Couzens allegedly flashing took place in 2015 when he was apparently driving down naked from the waist down in his car.

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