It seems as though most TikTok users have Spent All Night Crying as of recently following various uploads online in an attempt to attract the opposite sex.

Watch the Spent All Night Crying TikTok videos as we explain the trend with viral examples which have been spiralling the app over the past week.

Spent All Night Crying TikTok explained

Spent All Night Crying is the popular on-screen caption being attached to tons of TikTok content on the video-sharing app lately.

The trend requires users to openly express their concerns with issues regarding the opposite sex before subtly boasting about an impressive feature of their own.

A user named Justin Foster seems to have sparked the craze after uploading a selfie video whereby he jokingly claimed to have spent the night before throwing up and crying while thinking about the wage gap between the genders.

While @justin.foster appears to be showing an interest in women’s rights issues in the video, his intentions are casually contradicted in a bracketed caption beneath which lists his supposedly impressive height (6’3″).

Therefore, the sole purpose of the video was to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Users also pair their creative content with the original sound uploaded by Justin Foster, known as Sextapes by Deftones, and has now been used in over 36,000 videos.

The concept of the video has now inspired a trend on the platform and people continue to create different variations as reasoning as to why they supposedly Spent All Night Crying.

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

Many have begun replacing the issues with other male or female interests or rights topics while they discreetly flaunt their features or facts about themselves.

Viral female trend examples

Many women shared their stance on the trend as they sarcastically expressed their concerns surrounding typically male subject matters.

@ktfranklin claimed she Spent All Night Crying after realising that football is not just a game, as stressed by many stereotypically football-fanatic males.

This was of course before the creator boasted about her best features in parenthesis.


i feel like a lot of girls don’t understand the importance of football tbh

♬ original sound – Justin Foster

Another female creator communicated her understanding of a flat pillowcase, stereotypically known as the male way to sleep, being an optimal resting option.

The newly trending topic of Cryptocurrency was also used to attract male attention.

Bitcoin was also thrown in the mix before females flaunted their seemingly attractive attributes.

Hilarious male versions

Before listing what they bring to the table, men used specific topics to grab the attention of the opposite sex.

With hopes to attract Hijabi women, @egypturk openly acknowledged the disrespect they receive online.

An NBA basketball player used the implications of Mercury being in retrograde to express his apparent interest in astrology and show off his impressive qualities.

Another creator took advantage of some women’s interest in lash extensions to present himself as attractive.


doctor said i won’t regain my voice for weeks 😭😭💔 worth it tho

♬ original sound – Justin Foster

@spencewuah tailored his TikTok to attract male attention as he boasted that his partner will not have to worry about risking reproduction when in a relationship with him.

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