If you’re an avid TikToker, you’ll likely have heard of the ‘Omarion Challenge’, a viral dance that has taken the platform by storm.

Want to know more? We’re explaining what the trend is, how it started and the name of the song that’s used – you won’t be able to get it out of your head!

What is the Omarion Challenge?

In a nutshell, the viral TikTok challenge simply sees users try to copy R&B star Omarian’s insane dance moves using the hashtag #OmarionChallenge.

As you can see in the above clip, Omarion has some pretty complicated steps, so it’s become somewhat of a parody amongst TikTokers.

The singer himself took to TikTok, writing: “Thank you to all of the funny people on the Internet for making this a thing… It was only right. #Jokesonyou.”

What is the song in the Omarion Challenge?

According to Capital, the song used in the viral Omarion Challenge is ‘Slo-Down’ by I . N.

The sound, under ‘orginal sound – twinklestarr11’ is making the rounds on TikTok as users attempt to copy the ‘Ice Box’ singer’s dance moves.

How did the viral dance trend start?

A dancing Omarion clip from 2015 recently resurfaced and, in true TikTok fashion, Gen-Z had to turn the footage into a trend.

The sound from the original video already has over 9k videos under it. If you want to jump on this challenge, be quick!

Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin even participated in the trend and took it to the next level. We don’t think this one can be topped.

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Omarion took to IG to respond, writing: “Love yah man! #omarionchallenge perfect Sunday moves!!!”

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