The negative impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment is increasing to terrifying levels.

According to UN figures published by Vogue, 21 billion tons of textiles end up in landfills each year, 60% of clothing items are discarded within a year of purchase and 15% of all clothing fabric is wasted at the cutting stage of production.

On top of this, fast fashion generates greenhouse gases, uses toxic chemical dyes that pollute oceans and rivers and contributes to the rapid cutting down of trees.

Whilst many fashion brands are striving to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, it appears as though some are still putting extreme unnecessary pressure on the environment.

One TikTok user has gone viral this week after alleging that high-end brand Coach intentionally destroys and throws away unwanted merchandise, and it’s sent shock across social media.

Video by @thetrashwalker on TikTok

TikTok user alleges Coach destroys unwanted items

An American TikTok creator called @thetrashwalker has taken to the platform this week to share some shocking claims about American luxury design house Coach.

In the clip posted on Saturday (October 9th), she showed off some new Coach purses that she got from another TikTok user called @dumpsterdivingmom who as her name suggests, finds things in bins.

“As you can see, they’re all slashed,” she said whilst showing off the Coach bags, which are indeed are all cut up.

“This is Coach’s policy. This is what they do with unwanted merchandise. They order an employee to deliberately slash it so no one can use it,” she claimed.

“And then they write it off as a tax write-off under the same loophole as if it were accidentally destroyed,” she continued.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Coach who supposedly does this. In fact, loads of fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, H&M and Nike have all been exposed for destroying unsold stock.

Fashion brands burn, slash and destroy unwanted products to preserve their reputation and exclusivity and avoid devaluing the brand.

She called out their Repair Program

After alleging that Coach destroys its unwanted products, the TikTok user then went on to call out their sustainability scheme.

She went on to the Coach website and found the company’s “repair program” that allows customers to send their broken Coach items back to the company to have them repaired.

“I’m gonna bring some of these into Coach and ask them to repair it for me because according to their website, they really care about the circular economy, and they really care about sustainability,” she joked.

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok users react to the allegations

The video has had a huge 2.2 million views, and TikTok users have been sharing their outrage in the comments.

One person wrote: “Coach, you are the type of companies that are killing the planet for no reason other than corporate greed.”

“Thank you for calling out companies for their environmental impact. Coach, do better,” said another.

A third person added: “Coach purposefully destroying products doesn’t sound very circular to me.”

“Yikes, never buying from Coach again,” said another.

In other news, TikTok user claims Coach intentionally destroys unwanted stock