Lori Harvey has been making headlines ever since the model started dating Hollywood’s most desirable bachelor Michael B Jordan.

She was also recently spotted at the Paris fashion week along with her parents Steve and Marjorie Harvey. Despite her family’s wealth, the 24-year-old has made an impressive fortune for herself in the modelling industry.

She is now foraying into business and is set to launch the products of her skincare line SKN by LH.

Fans have been admiring Lori’s beauty and charms for some time now. Many also love her personality. However, the socialite’s followers still have a hard time pointing out what exactly makes her so desirable.

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Beauty from the inside out

Unlike many other models and socialites, Lori isn’t just a beautiful face or an attractive body. The 24-year-old’s beauty runs deep, as she often radiates beauty from the inside out.

Fans who follow the star on social media would agree that she often appears to have a calming aura and seems content as a human being. These qualities add massively to Lori’s beauty and make her even more endearing and pleasant.

From our analysis, we think that Lori often works on her happiness which makes her appear content and radiate beauty from the inside.

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Lori’s natural looks

We cannot say for sure if Lori’s good looks are entirely natural or if the model has had some work done. However, if you look at her pictures, you won’t be able to tell even if she has undergone some cosmetic procedure.

Her beauty appears to be natural and flowy.

Even if Lori has undergone a procedure, the results have been so subtle that they are almost unnoticeable. It looks like Lori abides by the mantra “less is more.”

We have seen plenty of examples of pop culture personalities going overboard with cosmetic procedures. More often than not this makes them look unnatural. Not to say that this also sets unrealistic beauty standards for young girls.

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The air of mystery

Despite being a public personality, Lori has managed to keep an air of mystery around her. The star isn’t super active on Instagram or any other social media.

Fans cannot track her every move and are not aware of every little thing she does in her day. She prefers to move in silence and has made it a point to not publicise everything about her life.

We think one of the reasons that Lori does not publicise every little detail of her life is because she is so content within herself that she doesn’t always feel the need to be seen.

The mystery around Lori’s life makes her intriguing.

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Strong support system

Lori has a fair share of privilege working in her favour. The star’s parents are Hollywood A-listers and have amassed a lot of fame and fortune in their careers.

Lori is also blessed with a strong support system that her family provides her. The difference between her and many other youngsters is that most people aren’t fortunate enough to have a highly supportive family.

With so many things working in her favour, it is natural that she exudes calmness and confidence. More often than not women who come from supportive families exude strong yet subtle femininity.

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Soft-spoken and humble

Lori’s recent interview on The Real showed us how soft-spoken the star is.

We all know that the model comes from a wealthy family but unlike many, she does not always flaunt her richness. While her Instagram does feature a couple of pictures of private jets, unlike many other rich kids, the star does not often flaunt Louis Vuitton bags or expensive cars.

But when she does flaunt her riches, she does it in a subtle and classy manner.

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Own sense of style

Lori has her own sense of style.

Unlike many celebs from her generation, she doesn’t show a lot of skin very often. Most of her clothes seem to highlight the best parts of her body in a classy way.

Her outfits choices seem very unique and not a rip off from another celebrity’s style.

Lori always dresses for her body type and seems like with years of practice the star has developed her own style.

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