YouTuber JiDion’s “free the nipple” protest staged outside a Best Buy store has gone viral, but has left social media users divided.

When the influencer was asked to put his shirt on inside the store, he seemed offended by the store employee’s gesture. To get back at him, he decides to bring with him two dozens of shirtless men, as they rallied to “free the nip”.

However, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Here’s what you need to know.

JiDion confronted by the store employee

The original video which is 11-minutes-long was first shared on JiDion’s official YouTube channel. The shorter versions were later shared on TikTok and Reddit.

The viral video shows the YouTuber being confronted by the store employee who is identified as Andrew. He tells JiDion who was seen walking with his upper body exposed to put his shirt on.

However, the YouTuber seems offended as he asks the employee about his hand gestures, but goes on to offer a fist bump, which Andrew ignores.

He eventually wears his shirt but tells on camera that Andrew “pissed” him off. JiDion then says he would show up at the store with an army of shirtless men.

YouTuber stages protest with shirtless men

JiDion returns to the store as he had stated in his previous video and this time he brings dozens of shirtless men with a megaphone in his hand as they all gather outside the store.

The next thing you, he’s heard yelling, “Andrew, yesterday you discriminated me; you did not let me take off my shirt. Boys, uncircumcize!”

The rest of the men take their shirts off immediately as the YouTuber chants, “It’s simple; free the nipple.” while standing on a row of cardboard boxes.

The videos have since gone viral. While JiDion’s confrontation video has gathered more than 3.8 million likes, the one showing the protest has clocked over 536,000 views.

JiDion has more than 1.37 million subscribers on YouTube and around 1 million followers on TikTok.

Yara | Official Trailer | Netflix

Yara | Official Trailer | Netflix

Viral video receives mixed reaction

While some have found the YouTuber’s actions funny, a few feel otherwise.

One Reddit user wrote, “I didn’t really get that logic. Shows up with no shirt on, but a dude watching him put a shirt on must be gay?”

Another said, “Retail workers deserve way more money than they make for having to put up with people like this.”

But, one TikTok user who seemed to genuinely like the YouTuber’s prank on the store employee commented, “this is hilarious. I love jidion bro he is so funny.”