Jabril Cox’s since-deleted Instagram Story, as reported by Heavy, about injuring Daniel Jones during Sunday’s game has sparked backlash among fans.

Many people were left disappointed over the social media repost from the Dallas Cowboys linebacker.

Jabril has since taken down the post following backlash from Giants fans.

Why Not Us: FAMU Football | Trailer | ESPN+

Why Not Us: FAMU Football | Trailer | ESPN+

What happened with Jabril Cox and Daniel Jones?

Sunday’s game between New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys left two Giants stars injured, Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley.

In Daniel’s case, the Giants star suffered a huge collision with Jabril Cox after he got an unpleasant hit on the head at the goal line.

He was immediately taken off the field and moved to the locker room.

Daniel was replaced by Mike Glennon for the remaining time of the game.

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The post of Jabril Cox sparks backlash

Cowboys defender Jabril Cox has come under fire on social media after he re-shared a clip of the collision with the Giants star on his Instagram profile.

The linebacker re-posted a Story, which has since been taken down, from another user which said “giving out concussions!!!” followed by an emoji with head bandages.

Videos of the collision are all over on social media but Giants fans were disappointed that Jabril chose to re-share a post with that particular caption above.

“I mean you just don’t have to repost someone that said you’re giving on concussions like it was a good thing. Maybe just skip over that one. Seems pretty straightforward,” wrote one fan.

Meanwhile, someone else defended Jabril and tweeted: “Giants fan bro it’s his first game in the line-up and he made a big play he didn’t say that someone else did he just reposted it Jones gave himself that concussion.”

“Yea it was wrong that’s why he took it down within 5 minutes,” they added.

Will Daniel return to this week’s game?

The Giants star has entered concussion protocol after the injury and continues getting tested and taking rest this week.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether Daniel will take part in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, October 10th, head Joe Judge refused to get into a “medical diagnosis” about the Giants star.

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