The casting for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Adam Warlock and just been announced and it sure has stirred some mixed reactions.

Many GOTG fans were hoping to see Zac Efron portray Warlock, leaving many bitterly disappointed when James Gunn announced that actor Will Poulter had scored the role.

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Why wasn’t Zac Efron cast as Adam Warlock?

Efron has reportedly been a fan-cast choice for quite some time now, sparking rumours that he’d go on to star in the GOTG franchise.

It’s not clear if Zac Efron was an official contender for the role.

From the hair to the charming looks, it made total sense for fans to juggle the idea of Efron playing Warlock – but it seems as though it simply wasn’t on the cards.

Instead, Will Poulter snapped up the role of Adam Warlock, with production expected to start in November.

But hey, talent is talent. Deadline reports that Gunn and execs started their search for the actor to play Warlock at the end of August, with Poulter meeting along with several other actors for the role.

Fans react to Guardians of the Galaxy casting

Warlock’s casting wasn’t the news that everybody wanted to hear, prompting fans to take to Twitter to react.

One fan tweeted: “tbh whenever i see Adam Warlock, i always fan cast Zac Efron as there are numerous fan edits about him as Adam Warlock. Will Poulter being casted as Adam Warlock is an unexpected idea for James Gunn to come up with. tho i’m excited!!”

Another wrote: “zac efron didn’t get the role for adam warlock but i still have hope for him in the mcu ok.”

Somebody else took to Twitter: “I thought Zac Efron was the one rumored to play Adam Warlock in GoTG Vol. 3?”

On the flip side, one fan argued: “I’m actually kinda glad they didn’t cast a Zac Efron and went against type. Will Poulter seems like a dedicated actor and he’ll probably do a great job as Adam Warlock.”

Another tweeted: “Was really banking on Zac Efron to play Adam Warlock but I’m sure Will Poulter will do a fantastic job with it!”

When can we see Zac Efron on our screens?

We might not be seeing Efron in the MCU anytime soon, but he’s set to star in Stephen King’s Firestarter with Sydney Lemmon, Michael Greyeyes, and Gloria Reuben.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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