Rumours have been circulating that TikTok star Katylee Bailey has cheated on her now ex-girlfriend Grace Waites as of Sunday (10th October) with her ex-girlfriend Libby Mae.

It’s all very confusing, so HITC is here to explain the cheating rumours and whether Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae are back together after a hotel rendezvous on Friday (October 8th).

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Who are Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae?

Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae are social media stars. Katylee first gained fame on the app before moving to TikTok where she currently has 2 million followers. Similarly, her ex-girlfriend and fellow TikTok star Libby Mae also has over 2 million followers on the platform.

Fans were thrilled when the pair announced that they were romantically linked with the pair even planning their future together, however, Katylee and Libby Mae decided to end their relationship earlier this year and go their separate ways.

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Katylee and Libby Mae cheating rumours explored

Katylee Bailey announced her breakup with girlfriend Grace Waites on Sunday evening (October 10th). Recently, the couple has holidayed in Spain leaving fans baffled at how it went wrong so suddenly. Fans began to speculate when rumours surfaced that Katylee Bailey and her ex-girlfriend Libby Mae had kissed on Friday (October 8th).

Katylee Bailey took to TikTok to tell her fans about the breakup. She said: “So unfortunately Grace and I are going our separate ways… sometimes in life relationships aren’t meant to be.”

But then it all got very dramatic when a video was leaked of Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae sharing a bed in a hotel room which fuelled rumours that Katylee was cheating with Libby Mae behind girlfriend Grace’s back.

In response to the rumours, Libby Mae took to TikTok to explain herself saying: “On Friday, I, Katylee and my mum travelled down to London together and we all had a management party.” She went on to say that Grace was invited but decided to refuse the invitation and that the reason that they were in the same hotel room was that Libby’s room was ready and Katylee’s was not. Libby Mae then denied the cheating accusations saying that the pair are just “friends.”

However, fans were not buying the story. TikTokers took to the comments section to share their thoughts. One wrote: “Fibby Mae” while another said: “Just feel like this is so rehearsed.”


This video is just to clear things up, I hope that you understand❤️

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Fans react to the cheating drama

Fans of the TikTok stars took to Twitter to react to the cheating scandal and HITC have rounded up a selection of the best tweets right here!

One user likened the drama to a popular soap opera: “Can’t believe Katylee cheated on grace with Libbymae after all that, it’s not normal how invested I am it’s sick it’s like something off Eastenders.”

While another user speculated: “Katylee and Libby Mae will be back together in two weeks.”

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