BeHaviour Interactive has announced the release date for the Dead by Daylight Halloween event for 2021 and they have also shared a DBD schedule for October.

It’s one of the most popular multiplayer games available and fans have recently been treated to the arrival of Pinhead for Chapter 21. While players have enjoyed roleplaying as the sadistic BDSM priest, they will soon be treated to an original survivor named Mikaela Reid.

Chapter 21.5 is just around the corner, and then the celebration of all things spooky and wicked will commence.

Dead by Daylight | Fine Dining Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Fine Dining Collection Trailer

When is the DBD Halloween event?

The release date for the Dead by Daylight Halloween event 2021 is October 21st.

This is the official launch day for the occasion and it will then end on November 4th. Unfortunately, nothing else has been shared about the annual tradition.

BeHaviour Interactive have said that they will provide a trailer and details before launch, so expect more information soon.

Halloween 2021 leaks

One of the leaks for the upcoming Dead By Daylight Halloween event is a crossover with For Honor.

This hasn’t been confirmed, but it was posted by the often reliable DBD Leaks on Twitter. It’s not a chapter release unlike Hour of the Witch, and it seems to be more For Honor than DBD.

Aside from a possible and bizarre collaboration with Ubisoft, nothing else has been shared about the celebration. However, there should be unique items and costumes to buy as well as perks to play with.

DBD October schedule

Below is the October schedule for DBD:

  • DBD Mobile The Hallowed Festival – Oct 12th until Nov 22nd
  • Bake by Daylight Twitch – Oct 15th
  • Hour of the Witch Chapter 21.5 release – Oct 19th
  • Tome 9 new filter release Instagram – Oct 20th
  • Halloween event – Oct 21st until Nov 4th
  • DBD Mobile community challenge – Oct 22nd until 29th
  • The Halloween Scream Stream Twitch – Oct 28th
  • New Halloween merch

All of the above comes via the Dead By Daylight website.

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