The release date for Dead by Daylight Chapter 21.5 Hour of the Witch is almost here and leaks have shown some upcoming skins for the new DBD survivor, Mikaela Reid.

BeHaviour Interactive’s current version of the game has blessed us with Pinhead from Hellraiser. The BDSM sadistic priest is one of the most recognisable characters in the world of horror, and he has quickly become a fan-favourite killer amongst the community.

While fans have loved bondaging their prey and inflicting unimaginable pain, they will soon be treated to an original character who loves writing and witchcraft.

Dead by Daylight | Chapter 21.5 Teaser

Dead by Daylight | Chapter 21.5 Teaser

Dead by Daylight Hour of the Witch release date

The release date for Dead by Daylight Chapter 21.5 and Hour of the Witch is October 19th.

This is confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive with their October 2021 schedule for DBD. It’s a mid-chapter update that was originally teased a couple of weeks ago with a ‘double’ double toil and trouble’ trailer.

Since then, BeHaviour Interactive has confirmed a fresh playable character. It’s disappointing that we’re not getting someone connected to Pinhead and the Hellraiser universe, but fans of Sabrina, ginger hair, and fashion may be happy.

DBD Chapter 21.5 new survivor

The new survivor for Dead By Daylight’s mid-chapter 21.5 update is Mikaela Reid.

She was confirmed in a trailer and is a young woman with fiery curls and round glasses. In the trailer, she is also covered head-to-toe in leather and has a spell-book in her hands.

BeHaviour Interactive’s overview says that she is haunted by the death of her father. She takes comfort in horror stories and Halloween, and this has resulted in her becoming a horror writer who dabbles in witchcraft.

Her abilities haven’t been revealed as of writing, but she will harness the power of Totems to favour herself and allies.

Skin leaks

DBD Leaks has shared uncovered skins for new survivor Mikaela Reid.

They’re not confirmed, but the source is usually accurate and reliable. All of them are adorned in horror icons such as spider webs and witchcraft symbols, and she’s either wearing a witch hat or has her hair tied up with a bandanna.

Each of the cosmetics look awesome and grunge, but – again – they’re not official as of yet.

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