With Halloween 2021 around the corner, we have seven great costume ideas for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans to turn heads this year.

The spooky season is here and folks are frantically searching for a great costume idea. We have a suggestion for those who are still confused about what they should wear this Halloween. How about you first set the theme for Halloween 2021 for your family or friends!

The theme could be based on a movie and its characters or a spooky book you love, etc. Once the theme is set you can pick a character and look for costumes or even ‘do it yourself.’

However, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans are already set for the holiday, as they know what theme their costumes will follow this Halloween.

Dress up as Mr or Miss Willy Wonka

Over the years only male actors have played the character of Willy Wonka, the eccentric owner of the Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Starting from Gene Wilder’s iconic portrayal in 1971 classic to Johnny Depp taking over the character in 2005, to most recently Timothee Chalamet being cast for the same, it’s always been, men.

However, we don’t need to conform to these norms anymore. Women who decide to create their own rendition of Roald Dahl’s beloved character can shop for the iconic purple blazer over at Amazon.

Screenshot from hellorigby.com

The character actually wore a white button-down shirt with a purple floral print vest on top, but if you find a violet or purple floral shirt, that can work too. A polka-dotted ribbon should be easy to acquire.

You can pair the blazer and the shirt with either a light grey skirt or pants. Do not forget to add a hue to purple-themed makeup over your eyes and purple lipstick to complete the look.

Become the next Oompa Loompa

Oompa Loompa is arguably one of the funkiest characters to be portrayed in a film. Given how famous the character is, there is no need to DIY this costume, as ready one is available on Amazon, for both male and female versions.

DIY Augustus Gloop costume

Augustus Gloop might just be one of the easiest characters to create for Halloween this year. Opt for a red and white striped turtle neck. If you don’t have a turtleneck, a full-sleeved red and white t-shirt or sweatshirt could do the trick too.

Screenshot from @jamaicalee (Instagram)

Pair that with some dark blue jean shorts and grab a bar of the Wonka chocolate bar or any chocolate for that matter. Smear some melted chocolate around your mouth and you are set.

Channel some Violet Beauregarde vibes

If you are looking for an ultra-comfy Halloween costume, dressing up Violet Beauregarde might just do that trick. Put on a baby blue tracksuit, throw your favourite white sneakers on, get a bright blonde bob wig, which should be easily available and you are good to go.

Veruca Salt with a twist

Veruca Salt is another easy character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to recreate. A red dress with a white collar, a pair of white socks and black shoes and you can turn into Veruca herself. You can also switch the white socks and shoes for a pair of white and black heels.

However, if you want to take it a step ahead, you can pair a red buttoned-down dress with thigh-high black and white striped socks. You can also switch the modest dress up for a tight red sweater and a red miniskirt to make it look chic.

Become the part of a family with a Mike Teavee Costume

Mike Teavee is a great character to recreate from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It looks especially good on children, given how bright his costume’s colours are. Yellow shirt, blue pants, a funky belt and a white hat and you are good to go.

However, pairing the whole look with a black polka-dotted white waistcoat or sleeveless jacket might just make it even more magical.

How about becoming the Wonka chocolate bar for a change

If you are sick of dressing up as human characters for Halloween how about become chocolate instead. Nothing could be more quirky than becoming a Wonka chocolate bar.

Screenshot from girllovesglam.com

You can DIY this costume by cutting a piece of red fabric loose to turn it into a chocolate cover looking top. Use another piece of brown covered fabric on top of the red one and paint the iconic Wonka logo on it and you can turn into an adult Wonka.

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