TikTokers are at it again! The latest trend on the platform relates to someone called Kelsey being banned from Canada.

TikTok star, Kelsey Pumel failed to make it past border control when she attempted to fly to Canada for a conference.

HITC have found out the meaning of the viral meme and whether Canada really cancelled Kelsey. Find out more below!


If IM banned, WE ALL BANNED! ✊🏼😂 @iamenoughmichael #banned #inthistogether

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What does Canada Cancels Kelsey mean?

33-year-old Perfectly Kelsey has 1.3 million followers on TikTok, and she joined the platform back in April 2020.

Why has Canada Cancelled Kelsey? She was headed to Canada for a conference and they refused her entry because she has a criminal record. Fans discovered that Kelsey was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in 2018, and was therefore unable to enter the country after being refused by border patrol.

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According to Nacro, an individual may be refused entry to Canada if they have committed or been convicted of a criminal offence. It includes minor and major crimes ranging from DUI and dangerous driving to theft and assault.


Sorry Canada, I won’t come back. ✌🏼 #criminaltok

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21 of the best Canada Cancels Kelsey memes

On TikTok, the tag #CanadaCancelsKelsey has over 2.3 million views and HITC has rounded up 17 of the most hilarious memes for you to enjoy!


Ok but how does one get banned from Canada and Rental car services in ONE DAY?! @perfectlykelsey_ #canadacancelskelsey

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@perfectlykelsey_ is just out here still being the main character and providing the best content for us🤣 #canadacancelskelsey #canadacanceledkelsey

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#canadacancelskelsey it’s rude what they did let’s start a petition @perfectlykelsey_ #fyp #PantryDayDance

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@perfectlykelsey_ so much love girl but this whole thing has me rolling 😂😂 #canadacanceledkelsey #canadacancelskelsey #OneSliceChallenge

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Okay but I just had too 😂 @perfectlykelsey_ #canadacancelskelsey #comedy #momtok fyp.

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Based on true events #canadacancelskelsey #greenscreen @perfectlykelsey_ @bonnieleetoks @shannonwinnington @Jenna @torifranco0

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But really though. @perfectlykelsey_ only you would get banned from Canada boo. 😂😘 #igotyourback #canadacanceledkelsey #millennials

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@perfectlykelsey_ out here giving us all good content tonight 😂 @iamenoughmichael #canadacancelledkelsey #onlykelsey #oops

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She tried letting them know she’s Tiktok Famous.. guess they’re not a fan @perfectlykelsey_ #canada 🇨🇦

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TikTokers react to Canada Cancelling Kelsey

TikTok users took the comments section to share their thoughts about the hilarious Canada Cancels Kelsey memes and HITC have rounded up the best ones.

Kelsey herself responded to a TikTok from her friend and fellow TikTok star Bonnie Lee saying: Hahahhaha THIS ONE HURT HHAHAHAHA.”

Another TikTok user joked: “Kelsey turned Canada into CANTada.”

While another said: “I had planned going in 2025 but I guess 2029 works too.”

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