On Sunday, October 10, Blac Chyna was caught on video at the Miami International airport, ranting about vaccination.

The star’s wrath was reportedly directed to a fan who asked her for a picture. The Washington D.C. native was surrounded by her bodyguards during her airport meltdown.

“Go get f***ing vaccinated, stop being stupid h*e,” she is heard yelling at another traveller.

Blac Chyna’s Miami airport rant video goes viral

The video, captured by TMZ has been reposted by many internet users now.

Sources at the airport, told the outlet that a woman with a baby had asked the reality star for a picture, which led to Blac Chyna going ballistic on the fan.

The star’s hair was dyed blue and she donned a colorful coat with sunglasses during her heated airport exchange.

According to the outlet, the police confirmed that no calls were made in connection with the incident.

The video features the 33-year-old cursing at the fan as the onlookers cannot help but stare at her. The reality star, whose full name is Angela Renée White, is also heard saying that she is from Washington DC, however, its unclear why she brought that up.

At the moment not much is clear about what went down between the celeb and her fan. Moreover, the fan who got yelled at has not posted any statement or “revelation” video on social media yet.

Fans react to star’s meltdown

While Blac Chyna must have thought that she was in the right, fans think differently. Many were quick to mock the star, despite not knowing the full story about the incident.

What is the reality star up to these days?

Earlier this year the celeb was seen getting vaccinated by a health professional on Instagram live. The star also appeared on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, podcast last month, where she talked about people’s misconceptions about her.

She addressed a popular misconception among fans, who think she is motivated by money. Replying to this the star said, “Like everything that I have, like, I work super hard for. Neither one of my children’s fathers on child support, you know what I mean?”

She also addressed another “misconception” which has many believing that the star is “mean.” To this Blac Chyna said, “I am not even mean though. It’s people that mess with me.”

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Most recently the star announced that she had become the co-owner of OnlyBaddies.

“Only Baddies is innovating social media creator fund platforms with its new subscription-based model that charges $39.99/week,” the star wrote in her Instagram caption.

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